Iván Raña and Saleta Castro lead the Spanish delegation in the Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote

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This Saturday 26 of May the 27th edition of the Ironman Lanzarote is disputed, the reign of the Spanish triathlon and the oldest Ironman in Europe.

All prepared so that next Saturday at 7 seven in the morning will be output to the edition number 27 of the Club la Santa Ironman Lanzarote, the only one, the mythical, the classic, the IRONMAN of Spain and one of the five monumetos the triathlon. A test that Every triathlete must compete at least once in his life. Lanzarote is synonymous with epic, wind, heat, hardness, lava fields, viewpoints and a perfect organization, where the triathlete feels special on an island that becomes "his" Ironman.

En male category the last minute low of Cameron Wurf leaves a very open competition with the winners of the Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote 2015, Alessando Degasperi and 2014, Romain Guillaume together with Ivan Raña as top favorites. Joining them are Andrej Vistica, Samuel Huerzeler, Cyril Viennot and Jens Petersen. Peru Alfaro y Miquel Blanchart They also know what it is to shine in Lanzarote and are trained to fight with the best.

The rest of the national PRO male delegation is in charge of Carlos Aznar, Pedro José Andujar y Pakillo Fernandez Cortés. The seventh PRO inscribed was Victor Arroyo who is still convalescing from the abuse he suffered a few months ago and to whom we send a lot of encouragement.

En female category Yvonee van Vlerken is the favorite, a triathlete who has dropped 14 times of 9 hours on ironman, the woman who has achieved the most times. Along with the Dutch, they also have podium options Lucy Gossage, Michelle Versterby y Marta Bernardi. Saleta Castro will be the only Spanish PRO in the starting line of "his" Ironman, a test where he has been finisher 5 times and the five in top7.

In addition we must also highlight the participation of three Spanish paratriathletes, Ramón Arroyo, Daniel Arrom and Junior Curbelo.

As regards the age groups Lanzarote has always been the Ironman where more Spaniards have managed to qualify for the Kona World Cup. In this edition, the presence of Iván Alvarez y Jaime Menendez from Luarca who will seek their sixth presence in the Hawaii Ironman. We must also mention the quartet of great triathletes in the 35-39 group, with Cristina Ramirez, Nerea Gambra, Ana Revilla and Tamar González.


La swimming It consists of 3.800 meters, divided into two laps of 1.900m each and is made in a mass output, first the professionals and a few meters behind the age groups. Here we can see the Over 1.800 triathletes together in a single outing, only comparable to the one in Kona, where the essence of triathlon is still being respected with an exit of all the participants at the same time.

The cycling segment consists of a round of 180km where the most important points of the Island of Lanzarote are visited as the Timanfaya National Park, which begins with a spectacular stretch of several kilometers, where the wind begins to wreak havoc. The climbs to the viewpoints, the Would do and Mirador del Río, where the most characteristic image of the IM Lanzarote and one of the "photos" of the world triathlon take place.

Finally the Marathon consists of 3 turns, the first of 21km that runs through the outskirts of the airport, passing by Playa Honda and arrives to Arrecife. And the next 2 of 10,5km. The turning point of each lap is next to the finish line. This segment is also characterized by the wind also by heat and humidity.

Follow him live

You can follow the race live through the official ironman website and through its social networks: http://bit.ly/IMLanzarote2018

Thursday 24. Parade of Nations 18: 30 Facebook

Friday 25. Press conference 13: 00 Facebook

Saturday 26 6 CAREER DAY: 45 - 18.00 

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