Javier Gómez Noya to all in the Ironman of Hawaii

This Saturday, the edition of the Ironman of Hawaii, the most legendary race of the world triathlon with the awaited debut of Javier Gómez Noya, is disputed. 

The 18 February 1978 held the first edition of the Hawaii Ironman, the most important triathlon in the world and which also marked the birth of triathlon as a sport as we know it. This year the 40 anniversary.

In the starting line will be for the first time Javier Gomez Noya, eThe best ITU triathlete of all time. Together with him Ivan Frog y Gurutze Friars will be the PROs representatives this year in Kona.

In the male category the test is very open, after the sick leave due to injury Jan Frodeno who seemed a priori the big favorite. Without the presence of the current world champion of Ironman 70.3 the favoritism at the hands of his compatriot Patrick Swaddle, current world champion.

Lange has competed twice in Kona, was third in 2016 in his debut and winner last year. In both 2 under 40 tests in the final marathon, something that only he has done in history.

 Lionel Sanders second last year is another favorite to win. Weeks after Kona, Sanders swept in the IM of Arizona to close his classification as soon as possible and be able to have the whole year to focus on Kona, he arrives eagerly to the appointment.

The third big favorite to victory is Sebastian Kienle, world champion in 2014, and podium in 2013 and 2016. Like Sanders, Kienle already qualified last year in IM Cozumel and has been preparing Kona all season.

Other candidates for the podium are the British McNamme third last year, the Swedish Patrik Nilson, the New Zealander Braden Currie winner in IM Cairns ahead of Noya, Tim Don, James Cunnama o Frederik with your van or Lierde, champion in Kona in 2013.

On the Spanish side there will be one of the most anticipated images of the world triathlon, the debut of Javier Gómez Noya in "the Mecca" of the triatón. Galician is always favorite in all the races in which he competes.

He has been demonstrating for years that if he is always considered a favorite, it is because of something ... because he is always fighting with the best. In case of not winning, Javi is always there, competing for the medals. A fact that confirms that is that since the 2006 ITU World Cup Javier Gomez Noya he has been on the podium of all the world championships he has played, of all disciplines and distances, a regularity only available to the greatest athletes in history.

Meanwhile Ivan Frog It will be the other Spanish representative in Kona. Ivan was the first to qualify, after finishing third at IM Cozumel last year. Later the Club ran the Santa Ironman Lanzarote where he was second and practically has not competed since then to focus on Hawaii. His best result was 6º in 2013 in the year of his debut and since then he has always been in Kona.

Check the female preview in this link

The test will start with the male output to the 6: 35 in the morning local time, the 18: 35 on Saturday 13 Spanish time peninsular. Five minutes later the women will do it, to the 6: 40 and then to the 7: 00 the age groups.

In the next link we explain how you can follow the IM of Hawaii. 

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