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The most open Seville Triathlon of recent years

Without Samer Ali-Saad, injured, there is no clear favorite to victory while in the female category, María Pujol and Rocío Molas share favoritism.

 The XXII Sanitas Triathlon of Seville®®, the third test of the Europa FM Circuit, which takes place tomorrow, Sunday, does so with an important participation (more than 2.500 registered). A test that has managed to grow exponentially in recent years and become a reference Not only for the number of triathletes, but also for the wide range of tests to satisfy the demand of such a varied audience. And it is that this 29 of April the Island of the Cartuja will welcome from professionals to novices, passing through the relay triathlon or that of equality.

This great sports festival will have its epicenter from the 9h30 in the modality of Olympic triathlon (1500 swimming meters, 40 kms of cycling and 10 of running on foot). In it, great triathletes will play the honor of triumphantly raising the arms of a test of prestige and succeed Camilo Puertas y Ana Ruz, winners last year. It will not be finally Samer Ali-Saad, the great dominator of this test, with 9 victories. A knee injury has prevented him from participating in "his" triathlon at the last minute. So the range of applicants is more open than ever, causing that a clear forecast cannot be made.

In the list of favorites appear in male category Pedro Lumbreras (who already knows what it is to get on the podium of this test), Carlos Morales (one of the great promises of the Sevillian triathlon) and José María Merchán (Only Andalusian triathlete who has participated in the Olympic Games). All of them, together with some surprise that always appears, will seek to cross the finish line in first place at around 11:20 in the morning. In the female category they will fight for victory María Pujol (champion of Spain of medium distance in 2016) and Rocío Molas (winner of this triathlon in 2015).

El first great triathlon of the season in Spain It will sprinkle every corner of the race: the waters of the Guadalquivir (in the vicinity of the Rowing and Canoeing CEAR), the Isla de la Cartuja (an innovative cycling circuit with great safety) or the peaceful leafiness of the Park del Alamillo (with hundreds of fans cheering the participants).

This new edition of the classic Seville event will be played over three different distances with outputs in waves: Olympic (1.500 meters of swimming, 40 km cycling and 10 km of running on foot), Sprint (750 m, 20 km and 5 km), and Super Sprint (350 m, 10 km and 2,5 km). In addition, there will be relay teams (team race where each athlete makes a segment 350 m of swimming + 10 km of cycling + 2,5 km run on foot), and Triathlon of Equality (Cross the finish line with your partner 350m of swimming + 10 km of cycling + 2,5 km of running on foot).

In addition to a sporting event, we must highlight the economic impact generated by the Seville Triathlon: more than 3.000 people will spend the night in the city, 1.000 families will occupy hotel rooms and enjoy the gastronomy of Seville, and a return of more than one million is foreseen of euros for the city between restaurants, hotels and tourist visits.

More information: http://www.triatlondesevilla.com

Photos: Carmen Valle

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