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First PROs confirmed in the Challenge Salou

Up to 4 Spain champions of medium and long distance will compete in the next Salou Challenge: Pablo Dapena, Emilio Aguayo, Sara Loerh and Maria Pujol.

As we discussed in previous articles, the Challenge Salou is characterized by having each year some of the best triathletes nationally and internationally.

Video summary Challenge Salou 2017

For the appointment of next Saturday 27 of May already several PROs triathletes are confirmed:

Maria Pujol (6ª in the Challenge Salou 2017 and Champion of Spain MD 2016) 

Sara Loehr (1ª in the Challenge Salou 2017, 2ª in 2016 and champion Spain MD 2015) 

Sofie Goos (1ª in the Challenge Barecleona 2009) 

Simona Krivankova (5ª in the Challenge Salou 2017) 

Pablo Dapena (5º in the Challenge Salou 2017 and champion of Spain LD 2017) 

Emilio Aguayo (2º in the Challenge Salou 201 and champion of Spain MD 2015) 

Iñaki Baldejou (1ª in the Challenge Salou 2016)

 Other PROs that have also been confirmed are the Belgian Karen Steurs, the German Alexander Schinlling, the Spanish Nacho Villaroel, Amaunri Dehez y Ruben Aragon, French Fabian Amnestoy and British George Goodwin.

Challenge Salou It consists of different careers being the triathlon de media distance (1.900 meters to swim - 90 km by bike - 21,097 km running) the queen test. There will also be a career solidarity of 5km and a career for children. Finally, it also offers the possibility of competing in teams of relays, male, female or mixed 2 or 3 components.

More information: http://challenge-salou.com/

Photos: Twitter Juanan @Juanan_Runners

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