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Swords held high in the female modality of the Triathlon Vitoria-Gasteiz

As it has done so many times throughout its medieval history, the next 8 in July the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz will once again host a duel of swords, of first female swords in the Full distance. 

Once again, the quality of the participants promises a hard fight for victory in the Full distance of a TriVitoria that grows edition by edition. Internationally, the champions of previous editions repeat, and great athletes such as Julia Bohn (Winner of the Full TriVitoria 2017 and second in 2016 and winner of the Full KM0 Triathlon in Madrid), the Canadian Brooke Brown (Winner of the Full Tribune 2016 and 2015) and the British Yvette Grice (third in the editions of 2017 and 2016 and fourth in 2015). 

The representation of the state athletes will also be first level, and that is that five first classified of the Spanish Long Distance Triathlon Championship will be launched into the waters of the Ulibarri-Ganboa reservoir with the sole objective of crowned queens of the capital of Alava.

Top the list the locals Ruth Brito, who was second in the 2017 edition and fourth in 2016 and will finally seek the throne, and Nerea Gambra (sixth in 2017). The vitorianas will try to defend their own fief, and for that they will have to deal with experienced warriors like the malagueña Patricia Bueno (fourth in the 2017 edition), Guipúzcoa Gema Hernández (fifth in 2017) and the Barcelonan Merçe Tusell.

Once overcome the water obstacle, the participants must complete the 180 kilometers of the bicycle sector, which will take them to the doors of the wall of Vitoria. Once there, 42 kilometers of foot race through the heart of the medieval almond of the city will decide the winner of this twelfth edition.

Continuous growth

Citizen participation is one of the key factors in the growth of an event that already has a recognized prestige, and is nowadays considered the best organized independent triathlon of the State that is also promoted and organized by a company from Alava, Ascentium, organizer of sports and cultural events.

The twelfth edition of the TriVitoria promises to be a success, and without a doubt the quality of the participants augurs a thrilling race. Will one of these triathletes be capable of winning?

Further information: http://www.triathlonvitoria.com/

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