PTO announces new ranking system for professionals

The Professional Triathlete Organization (PTO) has just announced that for the 2023 season it will have a new system for your Rankig.

This change comes after the work of the committee of professional athletes with the aim of make rankings more transparent, objective and that reflect the performances of professional triathletes during the season.

After what happened with the Covid,  the PTO has listened to the athletes, fans and the media to implement improvements that will provide greater clarity, credibility and unity in their rankings.

The Athlete Classification Committee, has the presence of several professional triathletes such as Ruth Astle (GBR), Antony Costes (FRA), Renee Kiley (AUS), Jackson Laundry (USA) and Danielle Lewis (USA),

Improvements in the PTO Ranking

nesting system

One of the improvements in this update is a ranking system. where the position in which the test is completed will be rewarded.

This will ensure exceptional performances based on finish times compared to other athletes in the same race.

Category classification system

On the other hand, in this new system 5 competition categories are established:

  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Each category has base points, where the winner gets all the points decreasing the amount for the following athletes.

The different categories also have points decreases depending on the position in which it ends, el weight of the prestige of proof and the competitiveness of each category.

In other words, the position in which it ends will represent the 40% of the total calculation of the PTO WRS.

new SOF system

In addition, the new Strength of the Field (SOF) ranking system will be calculated by the average PTO world ranking points of the top five triathletes in a race, which means in practice that the stronger the level of the participants, the more points are available.

SOF it represents 30% of the total calculation of the PTO world ranking.

The time in goal, a key factor

Athletes' finishing time remains a key aspect, but instead of comparing times to a theoretical optimal time, athletes will be analyzed against each other within each race itself.

Combining the SOF with the average finish times of the race leaders (number included depending on the number of finishers) will create a base time.

If the winner achieves arrive before that base time sooner you will get more points, while athletes who fall behind will receive fewer points.

The Race Time Score represents the Final 30% of the total calculation of the PTO World Ranking System.

Reward System Changes

For the 2023 season long distance specialists will have 5% more points.

This takes into account the number of MD races a triathlete does, as they can compete more throughout the season and earn more points.

There are also many more MD events in the Diamond and Platinum categories, which offer more points.

The new system maintains a 52 week period with the same rules for race eligibility and will continue to be based on the average of the top 3 results.

More information on the official page

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