Respect the cyclist

Last Sunday took place in the town of Calella the act of solidarity of "Respect the Cyclist " attended by hundreds of people led by triathletes the likes of Richard Calle, Anna Rovira, Miquel Blanchart y Albert Parreño who put their voice to convey the message of support to it.



The objective of this initiative was to remind drivers that to overtake a cyclist it is necessary to respect the safety distance of one and a half meters, and that if it is not done, can cause serious accidents.


Once the act was finished, a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the road where all the cyclists who wanted and voluntarily, went out to roll on the new road circuit Half Challenge, which will take place next Sunday 16 May and this year will incorporate the natural parks of Montnegre Corredor and Montseny.


The Mayor of Calella, Mrs. Monsterrat Candini, as well as Agustí Pérez, Race Director of Half Challenge Barcelona and Challenge Barcelona-Maresme, attended the meeting.


From Triathlon News we want to echo and share with all of you this manifest:


 "Today cyclists, triathletes, athletes ... citizens in short, we have a common cause, a sad and unwanted reality that unites us.


A reality that has caused children to lose a family member.

A reality why parents and mothers who mourn the death of their children.

A reality that deprives us today of pedaling along with that companion, that friend, who made us laugh so much and made us happy about the exits.

 A reality that we have lived on so many occasions that it is difficult to count them all and that ... it is very sad.

A reality what hurts!

The same pain that causes in many of us a terrible rage and impotence for the injustice of the road in which, the weakest, paradoxically, is the most unprotected. The cyclist, ... the cyclist ...

 We are not here today to point fingers or look for culprits.

We want to denounce and invite collective reflection.

We want to remove consciences and provide solutions

We want #respetoAlCiclista

For all this we request:


To the competent authorities

  • Greater protection, fair treatment. We reclaim our space on the roads to practice sports, to move or have fun ... and do it safely.
  • Laws that protect our lives and do not leave us under the goodwill of the driver
  • A greater effort in education and road reeducation of the drivers collective. Without it ... we are lost!
  • Greater pressure from traffic agents, police made the offenders
  • We ask for #RespetoAlCiclista


 To our fellow citizens

  • We ask for help and understanding. We just want to enjoy our bicycle in a fair way.
  • We ask for patience on the road, we are not machines, we have limitations but we also want to return home healthy
  • We ask for #RespetoAlCiclista


 To our fellow cyclists

  • Let's preach with the example. Let's be responsible and civic
  • Let's know what our rights are but also our obligations.
  • We ask for #RespetoAlCiclista

Enjoy the bicycle, enjoy the sport and we hope that all this has a meaning, that all this can stir consciences .... "

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