Richard Murray will compete for the Netherlands

The elite triathlete Richard Murray4th at the Rio Games representing South Africa, will soon compete for the Netherlands in international competitions.

World Triathlon is expected to formally confirm its change in the next march, which means that you will have the right to compete on behalf of the Netherlands from that moment on.

Richard Murray comments on his change: “I already lived in Holland in the summer. I like the country and the way the sport is organized. 

I enjoy working with the NTB and I hope to compete in the Triathlon World Series and in the mixed relays with the Netherlands after fully recovering from my heart surgery last year.”.

Future in Holland

Murray also anticipated his future in the Netherlands: “AOne day I would like to be a coach and I think my future is in the Netherlands. 

My wife is Dutch and at some point we will be living there full time. I think I can be a good addition to the Dutch team. By the way, I really like oliebollen and cheese, so that's good too”.

You can be in Paris

The quick move to the Dutch team was made possible through the cooperation of Triathlon South Africa, who authorized a shorter transfer window.

This also ensures that Richard Murray already can be in the ranking representing the Netherlands in the next qualifying period for the Paris Games.

In addition to the change that Richard Murray is now making by representing the Dutch Triathlon Association instead of South African Triathlon, an application for nationalization has also been initiated.

Only in possession of Dutch nationality and after approval by the IOC, Murray in the future can also represent the Netherlands at the Olympic Games.

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