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Roberto Lendaro of 57 years completes the "continuous" Decaironman of Mexico

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Roberto Lendaro has completed the 38 km of continuous swimming, 1.800 of the bike and 422 of the running race in 300 hours, 7 minutes and 33 seconds

Only a couple of weeks ago from triatlonnoticias.com we interviewed the Italian athlete Roberto Lendaro, fond of spending long seasons between Granada and Madrid, on the occasion of his participation in the Decairoman of Mexico.

Conscious unconsciousness .... "These races are extremely physical but the mental force factor comes into play and in this field I feel trained"

The 57-year-old athlete, passionate about long distance, can already say that he is “FINISHER” in this tough test that consisted of the sum of 10 Ironman distance races.

"There have been two really intense sports and emotional weeks. The race was particularly difficult because I decided to participate at the last minute, so I was not properly trained, but I knew I could do it”Declares Roberto Lendaro.

"Doubledeca's experience and "conscious unconsciousness" did the rest. These races are extremely physical but the mental force factor comes into play longer and in this field I feel «trained".

"The race course was a wonderful park, but at 1.800 meters high, with extreme weather (the stifling heat of the day and very cold and humid at night). Some sections of the bike path had the asphalt in poor condition (I punctured 12 times…). However, the race environment was magnificent despite the extreme conditions ... where I sometimes slept 2 hours a day. On the subject of food I was lucky, because despite being vegan there were many vegetarian dishes so I had no problem in this regard"

Roberto Lendaro

What is a Decaironman?

El decaironman It is an ultra-distance triathlon that is the sum of 10 Ironman distance races, that is, 3,8 km of swimming, 180 km of bike and 42,195 km of running multiplied… .by 10… that is, a decaironman

  • 38 km of swimming
  • 1.800km of bike
  • 422,2 km of foot race

It can be done in two modalities: one in 10 days (a daily Ironman) or in a maximum of 14 days (doing each continuous stretch that is 38 km of continuous swim, 1800 of bike and 422 of running race.


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