Rubén Ruzafa starts the road to his fourth Xterra World

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Ruzafa has won 23 from 29 Xterra tests since he started his 2008 debut.


The Malaga triathlete Rubén Ruzafa, will participate this Sunday in the Xterra Reunion, prove that you have won the year past. The test consists of 1,5 km of swimming, 30 km of MTB and 10 km of Trail Running.

As for the favorites in the test Ruben will face Bradley Weiss second in the South African Xterra behind Richard Murray, Theo Blignaut, Aidan Nugent or Christophe Betard among others.

Calendar rubén Ruzada 2017

  • XTERRA Reunion Island 16 / 04
  • XTERRA Greece 30 / 04
  • XTERRA Spain 14 / 05
  • XTERRA Portugal 27 / 05
  • XTERRA Belgium 10 / 06
  • XTERRA Switzerland 24 / 06
  • XTERRA France 02 / 07
  • XTERRA Denmark 3 / 09
  • XTERRA 29 / 10 World Championship

Video summary Xterra Reunion Island 2016

The goal of this year's ruzafa is to get his fourth title of Xterra World Champion and the Cros Triathlon World Championship where he also has three world titles

In last year's winner Carina Wasle is the favorite for victory and has just won the Xterra Saipan

Photos: @Michka Photgrafy

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