Saleta Castro will continue looking for the IRONMAN Hawaii pass

It was fifth in the past IM Frankfurt

The Galician triathlete  Saleta Castro has confirmed in his social networks, that he will try in a second attempt the classification for the IRONMAN World Championship in kona.

Saleta that was fifth in the past IRONMAN Frankfurt, which was also the European Championship of the modality, commented on social networks the experience in the "hell of Frankfurt" with 40º of temperature in the marathon.

She is happy with the result, and says that will try to get the Slot for Kona, but it does not specify the test. We will have to wait to meet her.

This is the Post that I published in Social Networks:

"IM from Frankfurt a real hell.”

I'm happy with the race on Sunday. Happy for not having given up, happy for having gone ahead, happy for having finished in a good condition (except my leg pain that will last days) and happy because what this career has taught me I will not forget in life.

I can say that I enjoyed the test until after a little more than half, what I saw and suffered afterwards is neither beautiful nor admirable and I think it was even dangerous.

The marathon was hell, 40 °, with hardly any humidity, little shade, refreshments that were not well placed and fainting, athletes that collapsed and not only talk about the girl who was going to win. The fight was to survive and endure in the race, walking, vomiting or tumbling was the same just had to continue.

I am 5 ° in the IM of Frankfurt and 3 ° of Europe, a good result but bittersweet taste when due to the circumstances you can not make the race that you have inside.

At the moment I'm still without the slot for Kona but I'll make a second attempt. "

From Triathlon News we wish you the best and hope to see you soon in the next competition.

There are no previous results.

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