Santi Millán, from person to Extreme Man

The actor prepares to overcome the Immunactive challenge: 1.9km swimming, 90km by bike and 21.1 running. Nothing less than a medium distance triathlon.

Nowadays people look for challenges to break with daily routines. In Spain there are 2.500.000 people who train more than 6 hours a week with the aim of participating in medium and long distance tests. With this boom, endless tests and training methods have appeared. But What is necessary for a "normal" person to become a triathlete? The actor, Santi Millán, has accepted the Immunactive Challenge, which aims to reveal the “tricks or requirements” to be able to reach the goal while preserving health.

Santi has warned of "Don't trust anyone, I'm going to go full throttle in this challenge." I did not get to London but maybe I will get to Brazil. So I am aware that you have to take care of yourself a bit, some training, good ham, good rest and… although I am more 'attacking' I will also take care of my 'defenses'. Watch out for me! "

What is the Immunactive Challenge?

Until next September 23, Santi has 15 weeks to be ready for the Extreme Man by Artroactive de Menorca, a total of 113 kilometers distributed in 1.9 km of swimming, 90 km by bike and 21.1 km running.

In order to successfully overcome the challenge, INEFC sports health specialists, as well as Inmunactive sports nutrition specialists, have developed a complete training plan. During these weeks, personal trainer, nutritionist and coach will work in the same direction to advise Santi during his more than 200 hours of training. This plan will seek to increase Santi's physical strength, his resistance in the three disciplines, strengthen his immune system, prevent injuries, work on transitions from one modality to another, as well as reinforce his own motivation to resist the entire training period and the Extreme Man by Artroactive.

Josef Ajram will be the "older brother" who will accompany Santi during this Challenge. In addition to his friend, Josef is an expert in triathlons and long-distance competitions, so he will be able to advise you during the training weeks.

In addition, the entire Immunactive Challenge will be monitored to be able to see month by month the evolution until the completion of the test, its physical and mental adaptation and how, the training, the support of the coach and friends as well as the diet and supplementation contribute to Santi gets closer to the goal day by day.

Santi Millán's Inmunactive Challenge can be followed and shared at from June 21.

About Inmunactive

In situations of physical or mental stress, such as very intensive training, participation in a medium-distance competition and the nerves derived from it, the defenses of athletes can decrease, thus increasing the risk of respiratory infections. To prevent this situation, Immunactive provides nucleotides to the athlete that stimulate the body's own defenses, thus acting as a protective shield to maximize physical and mental performance.

Furthermore, this contribution of nucleotides as protection of the immune system is scientifically proven and endorsed by institutions such as the Sant Cugat High Performance Center. Immunactive is a Bioiberica Sport Nutrition product.

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