Schnödewind and Eggenschwiler win the Portocolom Triathlon 2024

The German Lukas Schnodewind (3h38:58) and the Swiss Petra Eggenschwiler (4h10:15) have been the winners of distance 111 of the twenty-sixth edition of the Portocolom Triathlon, the oldest in the Balearic Islands.

The test that has brought together a total of 600 triathletes who have swum 1.000 meters in the waters of the bay of Portocolom in Felanitx, who have enjoyed and suffered a 100km bicycle route with a double climb to Sant Salvador, and who have crossed the finish line after a 10km run on foot after passing by the mythical Portocolom lighthouse that can only be visited each year on this day.

In the distance 55.5 the victory has been for the Balearic triathletes Sebastian Gelabert (1h57: 29) and Victoria Benavidez (2h16:52) on a perfect morning in terms of weather conditions.

The Mallorcan triathlete Mario Mola, ambassador of the test, he was the last reliever of the team that has won the victory in this category.

In the men's category of the "queen" distance, 111, the victory went to the German Lukas Schnödewind who has dominated the test from the cycling segment, where he hunted down Alberto Parrilla, who led the swimming.

From that moment on he surpassed his compatriots Rohde (third at the finish line) and Fabian Günther, who could not get close to him on the two tough climbs to Puig de Sant Salvador.

In the last segment of the test, in the foot race, the Belgian Vincent Van de Walle staged a spectacular comeback to cross the finish line less than three minutes behind Shnödewind. The Basque Telmo Barrutia was the first Spaniard to cross the finish line, eighth.

In the women's category, the Swiss Petra Eggenschwiler has fulfilled the predictions and has achieved a well-deserved victory thanks to her power in the race on foot, where she managed to overtake the Belgian Alex Tondeur who until then had led the event from swimming.

Eggenschwiler crossed the finish line in 4:10:15, while Tondeur finally finished second in 4:13:04.

The Belgian defended her second place against the Swiss Maja Indermuehle, who finished one minute behind her and was close to taking that place from her in the general classification.

María Victoria Abrate was the first Spanish finisher thanks to her seventh place finish.

The Portocolom Triathlon is organized by Kumulus and the Portocolom Triatló Club, with the support of the Felanitx City Council and with the sponsorship of the Fundació Mallorca Turisme.

111 classifications


  1. Lukas Schnödewind 3h38:58
  2. Vincent Van de Walle 3h41:29
  3. Maximilian Rohde 3h42:04


  1. Petra Eggenschwiler 4h10:15
  2. Alex Tondeur 4h13:04
  3. Maja Indermuehle 4h14:05

55.5 classifications

  1. Sebastià Gelabert 1h57:29
  2. David Leggett 1h58:13
  3. Manuel de la Torre 1h59:39
  4. Victoria Benavides 2h16:52
  5. Lisa Rester 2h:20:30
  6. Janna Sieber 2h23:34

Complete results:


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