La Fetri subsidizes with up to 50% the registrations of its age groups for the championships of Ibiza, Madrid and Pontevedra

2023 will be a historic year for the Spanish triathlon since our country will become the first country to host in the same year the three great events of the world triathlon.

They will be held this season in Spain on the Multisport World Championship Ibiza, the European Championship from Madrid and the Grand Final of the World Series in Pontevedra.

Subsidy in the 3 events

From FETRI they want to support our triathletes with a subsidy of up to 50% for the three major events, the Multisport World Cup in Ibiza, the European Championship in Madrid and the Grand Final of the World Series in Pontevedra.

"Fetri's commitment to its Age Groups is once again evident with this measure that we have agreed with the three organizing committees of Ibiza, Madrid and Pontevedra”, affirmed José Hidalgo, president of the Spanish Triathlon Federation.

Hidalgo also stressed: "Spain is a country that is committed to bringing the best events, among other reasons, to bring the best triathlon closer to our age groups.

What makes it doubly valuable is that we have managed, from the Federation, to subsidize 50% of the registrations of our athletes.

The strategy is clear. Bring the best triathlon in the world to our country and also help our age groups in the cost of participation.n. "


The inscriptions for the Ibiza Multisport World Championship and the Madrid European Championship are open, and the grant is already automatically included in the registration form and those of the Grand Final of the Pontevedra World Series will also open soon.

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