The PTO Launches the T100 Triathlon World Tour Circuit  

The Professional Triathletes Organization (PTO) and World Triathlon today announced the launch of the T100 Triathlon World Tour, a calendar of eight events for 2024 that promises to revolutionize professional triathlon. 

Tour Details  

The T100 Triathlon World Tour will begin in Miami on March 9 and conclude with a Grand Final at a to-be-announced location in the Middle East at the end of November. 

The tour will visit three continents, offering a global platform for long distance triathlon. 

T100 Triathlon World Tour 2024 Calendar

Date Event Location
March 9-10 Miami T100 Miami, USA
April 13-14 Singapore T100 Singapore
8-9 for June San Francisco T100 San Francisco, USA
July 27-28 London T100 London, United Kingdom
September 28-29 Ibiza T100 Ibiza, Spain
October 19-20 Lake Las Vegas T100 Lake Las Vegas, USA
16-17 for November Dubai T100 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
29-30 for November Grand Finale (Location to be announced) Middle East (TBA)

Featured Athletes  

The 100 T2024 Triathlon World Tour is shaping up to be a spectacular event, not only because of its global expansion and innovative format, but also because of the impressive line-up of professional triathletes who will participate.  

The women's category features all the highest-ranked athletes in the PTO world rankings, including the current number 1, Anne Haug from Germany, closely followed by Ashleigh Gentle from Australia and Taylor Knibb from USA  

Other notable competitors are Lucy Charles-Barclay from United Kingdom, Laura Philipp from Germany, and Kat matthews also from the United Kingdom.  

The list is completed with athletes of the stature of Paula Findlay from Canada, Daniela Ryf from Switzerland, Imogen Simmonds also from Switzerland, and Emma Pallant Browne of the United Kingdom, among others. 

In the men's category, the tour also features the world's best athletes, including current number 2, Magnus ditlev from Denmark, and at number 3, Jason West from USA 

The list is enriched by the presence of Pieter Heemeryck from Belgium, Mathis Margier from France, Rudy von berg from the USA, and Leon chevalier also from France.  

Other notable names are Sam long from USA, Daniel Baekkegard from Denmark, Bradley Weiss of South Africa, and Sam Laidlow from France. The list is completed with renowned athletes such as Frederic Funk from Germany, Clement mignon also from France, Aaron Royle from Australia, David McNamee from United Kingdom, Ben Kanute from USA, Rich Bogen from Germany, Alistair Brownlee from United Kingdom, Max neumann from Australia, Marten Van Riel from Belgium and Javier Gomez Spain. 

These athletes represent the elite of triathlon and will compete in a minimum of five races, as well as the Grand Final. 

Distances and Prizes  

The races will be held in a 100 km format (2 km swimming, 80 km cycling and 18 km running), with points awarded from first to twentieth place in each race.  

The Grand Final will have increased points to intensify the competition. Additionally, they will be distributed more than $ 7,000,000 in prizes for athletes throughout the series. 

How It Works  

For the season, they will compete 20 female and 20 male athletes, adding a total of 40 professionals. 

These athletes will compete in a minimum of five races, in addition to the Grand Final.  

Importantly, racing obligations for athletes who have qualified and will compete in the Olympic Games have been reduced, allowing for greater flexibility in their competitive schedule. 

In each T100 event, A discretionary number of Wildcards will be awarded  based on available slots, which will be agreed between World Triathlon and PTO.  

The scoring system is another key aspect of the T100 Triathlon World Tour.  

Athletes will accumulate points in each race, with 35 points for first place, dropping to 1 point for XNUMXth place.  

The Grand Final raises the competition with an increase in available points, awarding 55 points to the winner and descending to 4 points.  

As for prizes, each T100 race offers a fund of prizes of $250.000, totaling $2.000.000 in the eight races.  

The series winners after the Grand Final will be crowned T100 Triathlon World Champions and will receive $ 210,000 USD from an additional prize fund of $2,000,000 USD.  

In total, the series provides more than $7.000.000 in prizes for athletes, distributed in a way that rewards winners and recognizes the significant achievement of competing at this level.  

One more step for triathlon

This tour marks a significant step for professional triathlon, elevating the sport on the global sporting stage and offering a consistent narrative throughout the season. 

In addition to professional racing, the T100 Triathlon World Tour will offer mass participation opportunities for amateurs, allowing them to compete on the same spectacular courses as the professionals.  

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