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Tim Don returns to the competition in the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is one of the most important events of the modality worldwide, being a member of the World Marathon Majors.

A few days ago we published that a interview with Tim Don where he told us his objectives, and as a starting point he will participate in the Boston Marathon this next Monday 16, where he also hopes to compete in an 70.3 in the month of May or June

Tim Don has been ITU world champion in 2006 (the last time there was a podium without Spaniards), he has the best mark of the Ironman franchise with 7: 40: 23 achieved in the IM of Brazil last year, and it is the valid bronze world in IM 70.3

Tim was facing the Hawaii World Cup with aspirations of everything ... but a few days before the competition suffered an accident when he trained on a bike that could almost cost him his life and only 6 months later is already at the level to compete in such a demanding test with the 42 km of a marathon.

Official Trailer The Man with the Halo

The recovery of Tim Don has not been easy, on the contrary, even one of the brands that sponsors him, Endura, campaigned to be able to fundraising and help you with your medical expenses since they have been very high. At the beginning of February Tim Don himself announced his intention to run the Boston Marathon

In an interview conducted by Triathlon News the British told us

"I dream of being on the start line of the Hawaii World Cup this year, it is my ultimate goal and dream for this 2018"He also told us that he will not be ready for a complete Ironman in May, but he will participate in some 70.3 test.

The Boston Marathon is one of the most important events of the modality worldwide (Member of the World Marathon Majors), where in 2013 they suffered a terrorist attack on the same finish line.

Further information: http://www.baa.org/

Photo: Wagner Araujo

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