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Vitoria 2018 triathlon, duel of victors in the full male distance

Pedro Gomes (2013), Alejandro Santamaria (2014), Diego Paredes (2015) and Ivan Álvarez (2016 and 2017) will be presented one more year at the starting line of the event.

Vitoria likes it, and whoever conquers it once wants nothing more than to get it again. Therefore, TriVitoria 2018 poses a demanding challenge to all those who intend to win this new edition, and that is that among the participants will be the winners of the last five editions of the test.

Pedro Gomes (2013), AAlexander Santamaría (2014) Diego Paredes (2015) and Ivan Álvarez (2016 and 2017) will be presented one more year in the starting line of the test.

These four protagonists will go to TriVitoria 2018 with the determination necessary to achieve the glory in the Alava capital, and it is that their trajectory during this 2018 makes clear that they come to the appointment in a great state of form.

Winners Triathlon Vitoria

To win in Vitoria is special. It is why to achieve it you must overcome 3,8 kilometers by swimming through the magnificent marsh of Ullibarri-Gamboa, 180 kilometers by bike through the Alava plains and 42 by foot, parks and walks in the center of the city. It is because of the heat that is perceived by the public, and everything that surrounds the test.

Probably Diego Paredes he will never forget his tremendous finish in the 2015 edition, crowned the winner of the race to the rhythm of Highway to Hell. And even more special was for Iván Álvarez his victory in the 2017, when he learned that he had been a father seconds after crossing the finish line as the winner and seeing the first pictures of his little one to the sound of the audience's applause. Iván Álvarez, winner of the last two editions, will start as the main favorite in the edition of 2018.

For its part, Pedro Gomes In this 2018, he has won a victory in the Abu Dhabi Half Distance Triathlon, in addition to occupying various positions of honor in other events on the international calendar. Alejandro Santamaría, With a long career behind him, he has competed in more than 25 with the Spanish national team and has been Spanish champion of Long Distance Triathlon twice.

Wide range of applicants

In addition to all of them, a large legion of high quality triathletes will focus their efforts on surpassing themselves through the sunny land of Alava. The cast of participants, the spectacle of the circuit and the delivery of the public anticipates a great sport festival. TriVitoria 2018 will be the appointment of the year for many of the athletes present, and for some of them it will be the deserved reward for a year of hard workouts.

The set of candidates to climb to positions of honor is headed by Carlos Aznar, second in the 2017 edition. Other names to keep in mind during the development of the test are those of Moisés Vidal, Carlos López, Nelix Pex, Xavier Torrades, Víctor Arroyo, Pakillo Fernández-Cortés and the French Benjamin Feraud.

The fight for the podium seats is more open than ever, so the 2018 edition promises to be hotly contested

More information: http://www.triathlonvitoria.com/

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