• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

The Ciudad de Santander Triathlon will have a Half distance 

On September 22, Santander will once again host a new edition of the Santander City Triathlon.  

But this year, the event will have a great novelty since it adds the half distance, offering triathletes the opportunity to challenge their limits in an incomparable environment. 

2 distances

The competition will take place in two formats: the Olympic distance and the new half distance.  

Participants will be able to enjoy a tour that covers the bay of Santander, recognized for its natural and urban beauty.  


Swimming Segment: 

  • Olympic Distance: 1.500 meters 
  • Medium Distance: 1.900 meters 

Both tests will have an aquatic route delimited by buoys and supervised by lifeguards, guaranteeing the safety of all participants. 

Cycling Segment: 

  • Olympic Distance: 44 kilometers 
  • Medium Distance: 88 kilometers 

The cycling course, closed to traffic, promises to be both a technical and physical challenge, allowing athletes to enjoy views of the city as they compete. 

Foot Race: 

  • Olympic Distance: 10,5 kilometers 
  • Medium Distance: 21 kilometers 

The final segment of the competition will take the triathletes through a tour of emblematic areas of Santander, culminating in the Zaera Dune. 


The organization has confirmed that registrations will be open at promotional prices from January 19 to 21, providing an excellent opportunity to secure a place at this prestigious event. 

On Friday the 19th, registration opens at 15:00 p.m., with special rates for the first to register.

Santander: A Tourist and Sports Destination  

Santander is not only a perfect setting for this triathlon, but also a tourist destination par excellence. 

 The triathletes' companions will be able to enjoy its beaches, its rich gastronomy and a unique cultural heritage. The city offers a perfect combination of sports and tourism, ideal for a complete experience. 

For more information about registration and details of the event, those interested can visit the official page of the Ciudad de Santander Triathlon https://triatlonciudadsantander.com/  

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