Triathlon of Average Distance of Lisbon: Tourism and Sport in One

Interview with Paolo Leite, Race Director

The Lisbon triathlon is presented as a good option for anyone who wants to start a medium distance test or even improve their marks, thanks to its practically flat route that in addition to being fast offers an unbeatable view of the Portuguese capital.

With a great experience in the organization of medium distance tests, Triathlon of Lisbon, it is presented as a test of great recognition at international level and that this year it will complete its 8 edition with close to 1.000 triathletes that will take part of the start line. next May 04.

Today we were able to interview Paolo Leite, Race Director:

What makes the Lisbon Triathlon so attractive so that each year it attracts hundreds of Spanish participants?

I think the Lisbon triathlon is truly the most "Spanish" test outside of Spain, so many are the participants who come every year that we even have Spanish people working in the organization since the first year at 2006.

I think there are several reasons for having this influx of Spanish triathletes, such as the proximity and the cost of registration. It is difficult to find a Medium Distance test for this price and so close to a capital in Europe this is another added value that attracts so many triathletes in addition to tourism since it is not usual to find medium or long distance tests in a European capital .

Another point in favor is the route, the cycle segment is 100% closed to traffic and a good part is on a highway, absolutely spectacular from the point of view of the athlete and also because it is a test in "circuit", ie: 2 laps swimming, 4 bike turns and walk on foot which gives the triathlete the possibility of spending several times close to his family and friends, nothing less than 10 times! That is something very rare also in tests with this distance which makes it very attractive. You can say much more, for example that we have the best massage area in the world (I think some athletes can confirm it) are great, we usually have 4 people doing massage in each athlete, a luxury ... I could say much more I still think you are san Two reasons for the success of the Lisbon Triathlon

What characterizes your circuits?

As I said before, swimming is two laps in an artificial lake, a real swimming pool… .. the swimming is very good, normally the temperature is somewhat lower than 20 degrees, which allows the use of neoprene. At the exit of the water we have the first provisioning with water and Coca-Cola. The bike tour is 4 laps of 22,5 km with a refreshment station only where there is powerade, water (bike bottle), bananas, bars and energy gel, highlighting the breadth of the roads through which it runs, so there is no reason for drafting and you get a very fast circuit. The route on foot is also 4 laps, always passing next to the finish line and recovery area and with 3 refreshment points where there is Coca-Cola, water, bananas and oranges, bars and gel. It is a journey with spectacular landscapes along the Tagus. We always claim that the Lisbon test is the fastest in the world… .. I think it is not :), but surely if it is one of the fastest, which makes for a perfect place to be able to beat personal records and at the same time a ideal test to start the year.

 Some of the best athletes in the world begin their season in Lisbon simply for the test that is, 2 years ago began his career in Lisbon Luis Enrique of the Spanish football team. Next year he will start his career in Lisbon.

How is this sport lived in Lisbon?

I think that after Vanessa Fernandes all the people already know what triathlon is, although still and as in Spain, soccer is the main sport. As we are talking about a test in a capital, that transforms the Lisbon test into a spectacular event and I think the reason that there is a large influx of public in this competition.

Any remarkable data?

Definitely! Until today no Spaniard has won this test ... to see the 2013! besides that no athlete has won twice and this challenge ... many will try ...

I think the awards ceremony at Casino Lisboa also has something different and it is an opportunity for the athletes to participate in a party in a slightly more formal and "weird" atmosphere in the world of triathlon ... it's different ... with an opportunity to win at the Casino too J! The organization offers 5 € tickets to all to try their luck. Every year some of them manage to take home a prize. We have knowledge of prizes of 600 €, 150 €, 80 €, etc ...

In short, a good opportunity to start the season, beat personal brands and enjoy tourism and sport at the same time.

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