The triathlon opens the forum of sporting events

The Spanish Olympic Committee and Diario AS, organizers of these exciting days

Under the title of "TRIATHLON, THE SPORT OF THE 21ST CENTURY"And after the welcome act chaired by Alejandro Blanco As president of the COE, these days have been started, which will last two intense days with 100% dedicated to sports. In these days you can share knowledge and have real specialists in the organization, management and sponsorship of sporting events.

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Since Triathlon News we did not want to miss the opportunity to cover the first of the round tables that has been directed by Antonio del Pino, and in which it has been possible to count on the presence of three of the most important organizers in Spain of Medium and Long Distance Triathlon: Juanan Fernández (Director of Challenge Spain), Agustí Pérez (Director of Ironman Spain and Portugal) and Eduardo Martínez (Director of the renowned Triathlon of Vitoria)  

"Triathlon is experiencing a stage of spectacular growth. Spain is a country that not only attracts for its climate and its gastronomy, but also sports has become one of the main attractions of international tourism. An example of this is Challenge Mallorca, a reference undoubtedly that this 2017, attracted an 90% of European public. This 2017 has also made the first edition of Challenge Madrid, an event with incredible logistics of the size of a stage of the cycling tour to Spain, with 11.000 cones in the circuit, 70 civil guards and 170 people to control this segments, data that can give us a global vision of the magnitude of this sporting event and that thanks to the good result obtained in this first edition has been awarded as an event of exceptional interest to Madrid thus ensuring its continuity during the next edition 3"Affirmed Juanan Fernández, Director of Challenge Spain.

Similar were the words of Agustí Pérez, Director of Ironman Spain and Portugal "This year Barcelona has had an 80% of European public which says that triathlon reaches all places, not only the elite comes to compete in Spain but hundreds of popular sports people sign up because they want to share this experience. We work to offer a complete event giving everything the triathlete, the family and the companions need, this being the key to success, to achieve this fidelity and to feel part of the Ironman brand"

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Eduardo Martinez, Triatlón Vitoria Director, one of the most prestigious and most loved events in Spain for the triathlete affirmed "Vitoria is Triathlon, since our beginnings until now, only in the Basque Country have federative licenses been multiplied by four, this data says a lot about how triathlon is lived here. Another key piece of information is the economic impact offered by a sporting event that attracts hundreds of triathletes from all over the world. This year registration for Half lasted only 12 minutes, something unthinkable a few years ago, and it is clear that this sport is in fashion ”. “Vitoria, like Madrid, is an event with complicated logistics for the organizers, as it has two different areas for transitions and a goal in the heart of the city. An organization that also involves a high economic cost… .. but in the end they are projects that are born from passion, from wanting to offer a unique experience to the triathlete and proof of this is the great acceptance they are having, both for the local triathlete and for international athletes"

Of course, it is a luxury to know that the TRIATHLON in 2017 has been presented in these prestigious talks held at the COE as "the sport of fashion", a position that has been achieved thanks to the great acceptance and fans that there is in our country to triathlon, as well as the great Spanish athletes and prestigious sporting events, such as Challenge Madrid, Ironman Barcelona or Triathlon Vitoria, which we have the luxury of having in Spain.

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