The 2023 season ends for the ParaTriarmada with the goal of Paris 2024

The Spanish Paralympic Triathlon team has concluded its 2023 year with its sights set on the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

The last concentration of the year, held in Los Narejos, Murcia, has been a turning point for our athletes, who have taken advantage of the facilities of the CAR Region of Murcia and the collaboration with the sports research laboratory of the University of Murcia to perform performance tests in swimming, cycling, running and strength.

This year has witnessed the team's formidable performance, with 14 Spanish athletes in qualification positions to Paris, standing out among the 9 best in his class in the Paralympic ranking.

Daniel Molina (PTS3) y Susana Rodriguez (PTVI) They lead their respective rankings, thanks to their triumphs in the world championship and other competitions on the calendar.

Other athletes like Martha French (3rd in PTS4), Héctor Catalá (2nd in PTVI), Nil Riudavets (3rd in PTS4), Lionel Morales (4th in PTS2) and Eva Moral (4th in PTWC) have also maintained an excellent position in the ranking, approaching medals in the world championship and achieving several podiums in Paralympic competitions.

The situation is equally promising for Andrea Miguélez (PTS5), José Luis García (PTVI) y Kini Carrasco (PTS3), all in 5th position in their classes, and for Rakel Mateo, Jose Cristobal Ramos, Jairo Ruiz y Diego Lardon, who are close to the cut-off points for Paralympic qualification.

The 2024 calendar is packed with crucial competitions for qualification to Paris. From the Abu Dhabi World Cup in March until the closing of the rankings, our triathletes will fight to secure their place in the Paralympic Games.

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