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Trivitoria presents "116 kilometers per uxue"

The young Vitoria of 14 years Uxue Txasko and the ex-professional triathlete Hektor Llanos will be protagonists in the next edition of the Vitoria-Gasteiz Triathlon.

For this, they have launched the challenge "116 kilometers through Uxue", a sporting challenge in which Hektor Llanos will complete the HALF distance of Vitoria-Gasteiz Triathlon Pulling Uxue, with cerebral palsy. The challenge was presented this morning at the Hotel NH Canciller Ayala in the capital of Alava.

Eduardo Martínez , director of the Triathlon, has been in charge of presenting to the public this challenge that will take place during the dispute of one of the main sporting events of Vitoria-Gasteiz. The director of the test has counted the origin of this challenge, gestated in November from a call from Hugo Llanos, president of the Alavesa Federation of Triathlon. In addition, he wanted to thank the Alavesa Federation as a Spanish his involvement in the project, and Iñigo Ortiz, director of the Triathlon circuit, "for his work to logistically manage the challenge".

Alvaro Txasko, father of Uxue, has told that the protagonist is very happy living the development of the events, since she "likes the movement very much". For the Uxue family, it is normal to go out to ride a bike or carry out various physical activities, but this they consider something exceptional, they are enjoying it very much and, "today we can say that the objective of the whole family is finish the triathlon the next July 8th".

In order to complete the challenge successfully, Uxue has surrounded himself with a team of friends totally involved with it, personified in Hektor Llanos. Hektor Llanos, triathlete exprofesional tells that for him this has been a gift.

"It has helped me to get back in touch with sports and live again what is a routine of training" Plains affects the friendly nature of the challenge, being the main objective of the same that both Uxue and his family enjoy the same to the maximum; "We have focused it in a totally friendly way, and we will seek to enjoy as much as possible". Juan Perez, the person in charge of the material for the challenge highlights the work of study of the route that they have carried out in the previous phase, thus being able to equip Uxue based on the characteristics of the circuit.

Uxue and Hektor will be finisher in Trivitoria after complete 1900m swim, 94km in the cycling sector and 21km running. It will be a gift that we can all enjoy the next July 8.

More information: http://www.triathlonvitoria.com/

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