An astronaut carries out the first triathlon in space

Sunita Williams will go down in history for holding the record of walk space event carried out by a woman: 195 days. But it is not the only feat of him. This NASA astronaut just completed the first triathlon in space. She has done it by competing in the annual race held in Malibu, but unlike the more than 5.000 athletes gathered in Zuma Beach (California), she has run on a bike and swum from the International Space Station (ISS, for its acronym in English), more than 240 kilometers above the Earth.


Sunita Williams, the first space triathlete. Photo: Capture Youtube.

It has done as part of a special report from the television network CNN and using the new equipment installed in the ISS. 6,4 miles running on the treadmill; 29 on a stationary bike that uses harnesses and straps to prevent the astronaut from floating out and swimming 800 meters. As there is no water in the manned space station, has used a special machine that simulates swimming from weight lifting.

It was not the first time that Sunita participated in a large sporting event of these characteristics. Already in 2007, he took part in the popular Boston marathon, and as part of his preparation for the triathlete challenge, he participated from space in the Falmouth Road Race, a race of just over 11 kilometers. Also, as part of the usual routine of every astronaut, Williams does at least two hours of exercise a day.

"It is critically important understand human physiology and how to stay strong in orbit“said the Flight Director of the mission of the NASA after Sunita completed the triathlon.

What led this pioneer to embark on this adventure? She assures that the necessary impulse found in the London Olympics 2012.



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