Some 185 people and some 85 vehicles will be part of the safety device in the Ironman of Lanzarote

Some 185 people and some 85 vehicles will be part of the safety device in the Ironman that will be held next Saturday, 19 in May, in Lanzarote.

The Security Consortium, in coordination with other organizations, has planned to make cuts on six roads in different municipalities and will also deploy a large contingent of vehicles, as well as people to ensure the safety of triathletes and citizens during the course of the Ironman.


The test, organized by Club La Santa, has registered more than 1.600 registrations for this edition, according to the Lanzarote Cabildo in a press release.

In this sense, the special Self-protection Plan for the Ironman, presented by the Consortium to the Insular Security Board, includes the participation of up to 85 vehicles or devices provided by the Consortium itself, Civil Projection of several municipalities, Servicio Marítimo Guardia Civil, Government of the Canary Islands, Red Cross, Rescue and Emergencies of the North (REN) and Emerlan, among other organisms.

In this way, the athletes participating in this triathlon They will have eight boats, three jet skis and 25 canoes in the swimming test in the sea; while for the land tests, the 180 kilometers by bicycle and the 42,2 kilometers of the marathon, to ensure the integrity of the triathletes there will be 22 all-terrain vehicles, five basic support ambulances and one advanced support ambulance, in addition to three emergency cars. the organization and a helicopter.

Likewise, and in order to guarantee the correct development of the test, in the vicinity of the finish area there will be a small field hospital, as well as two advanced command posts and 12 communication equipment, among others.

All this will be reinforced with the participation of volunteers made up of 157 people. In addition, there will also be 24 emergency professionals, arranged by the Security and Salvamar Consortium of Lanzarote, the Government of the Canary Islands and the organizer of the test that provides four doctors. Three divers from the Special Group of Underwater Activities (GEAS) of the Civil Guard will also participate.


On the other hand, the roadblocks that will be made on the island due to the Ironman cycling event, which runs through almost the entire island and for almost the entire day, this situation requires, for security reasons, restrict or directly cut the traffic on some sections of roads.

In this way, the cuts programmed by the Insular Sports Service and the Insular Security and Emergencies Consortium, as well as the alternative itineraries, will be carried out on the LZ 10 road where it will be cut from the Teseguite crossing to Haría, and in this case the LZ 404 (Teseguite) is given as an alternative and connect with the LZ 1 (Guatiza); the residents of Los Valles will be able to enter through El Mojón.

Another of the cuts will occur on the LZ 408 road, cut from Nazaret to the LZ 30 exit of the Teguise Agroindustrial Complex; the same will happen with the LZ 202 highway, cut from Ye to the Mirador del Río; the LZ 201 road, cut from Ye to Arrieta; the LZ 704 highway, partially closed, since it will be open only in the lane from El Golfo to Yaiza; and the LZ 67 road, the entrance to the Timanfaya National Park, will also be closed to traffic, so it is recommended to access it from Mancha Blanca; and the Camino de Hoya Limpia (Tías) and accesses to dirt roads that will be completely closed.

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