València Duatlón by MTRI receives the Emprén Esport 2024 Award in the “Impulse” category 

Valencia Duathlon by MTRI, an event that marks a milestone in the Valencian Community's sports calendar, has recently been awarded the prestigious Emprén Esport Award 2024 in the “Impulse” category.  

This recognition, awarded by the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, consolidating itself as a fundamental pillar in the promotion of sports entrepreneurship in the region. 

The “Impulse” award It is awarded to innovative sporting events that celebrate their first edition, and València Duatlón by MTRI has proven to be exceptionally worthy.  

The test is already underway

With 353 registered participants, the event started on January 19 with the delivery of bibs, anticipating an exciting and challenging competition. 

The competition, which is held on days 14 and 15 September, includes a first 1,5 km running segment in the Jardín del Turia, followed by a 2 km cycling circuit on Paseo Alameda, and ending with another 1 km running segment. 

In addition to the sporting excitement, the event has a significant impact on the city.  

The test setups and corresponding traffic closures, especially in the Paseo Alameda area, not only mobilize the local community, but also attract visitors and tourists.  

Valencia, known for its rich history, impressive architecture and vibrant cultural scene, becomes an ideal destination for athletes' companions, offering a unique experience that combines sport and tourism. 

The awards ceremony, scheduled for 11.30:XNUMX a.m. at the Puente de las Flores, promises to be a moment of celebration and recognition for participants and organizers. 

This event not only stands out for its sporting excellence, but also for its contribution to positioning the Valencian Community as a benchmark in the world of sports. 


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