Vicente Hernández third in the Melilla European Cup

The Spanish triathlete returns to the podium in an exciting race

The French Emma lombi and British Cameron Main were crowned winners of the CTriathlon Melilla European competition 2024, while the Spanish Vicente Hernández He made an emotional return to the podium by winning the bronze medal in the men's category.

The men's event was marked by the expectation generated by the return of Vicente Hernández to international competition in Spanish territory after his return to the elite in Quarteira, where he already broke into the TOP10.

The Canarian triathlete did not disappoint: he came out in the first water group, knew how to suffer in cycling and held on in the leading quartet with options in the running race until with less than a kilometer to go the British Cameron Main He launched a devastating attack to win the gold medal with a time of 50:39.

At 50:44 the Frenchman entered second Antoine Duval, who had left in Main's wake, and in third position, with a time of 50:48, Vicente Hernández He recovered the taste of the podium, leaving behind prominent continental internationals such as Guillaume Hay, Arnaud Mengal and Louis Vitiello.

Regarding the women's competition, the main favorites made good predictions from the first moment and the swimming segment on San Lorenzo beach.

Lombardi He managed to take advantage and set the pace of the race from the beginning, demonstrating great strength in the water.

Despite Lombardi's initial advantage, the British Kate Waugh and fellow Sophie Coldwell They did not give up and fought for the podium until the end.

However, Lombardi was able to maintain his leadership position and cross the finish line in first place with a time of 54:39.

Regarding the Spanish triathletes Maria Casals She was the first to cross the finish line, occupying eleventh place. Lucía Acosta, Cecilia Santamaría and Ana Gómez also completed the race in positions thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth, respectively.

Men's 10 Top

Job title Name and Surname Country Total time
1 Cameron Main GBR 00:50:39
2 Antoine duval FRA 00:50:46
3 Vicente Hernandez ESP 00:50:48
4 Guillaume Hay FRA 00:50:51
5 Arnaud mengal BEL 00:50:56
6 louis vitello FRA 00:50:58
7 Pelayo González Turrez ESP 00:51:04
8 Hamish Reilly GBR 00:51:10
9 Gaspard Tharreau FRA 00:51:13
10 Delian Stateff ITA 00:51:16

Top 10 female

Job title Name and Surname Country Total time
1 Emma lombi FRA 00:54:39
2 Kate Waugh GBR 00:54:55
3 Sophie Coldwell GBR 00:55:27
4 Mathilde Gautier FRA 00:55:54
5 Sophia green GBR 00:56:03
6 Sandra Dodet FRA 00:56:25
7 alissa conig SUI 00:56:27
8 Bianca Seregni ITA 00:56:44
9 Read Coninx FRA 00:56:55
10 Carlotta Missaglia ITA 00:57:07



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