Vicente Hernández returns to the competition 4 years later 

After a journey of 1.594 days facing adversity, the former Olympic triathlete Vicente Hernández has announced his long-awaited return to triathlon competitions. 

The setting for his return will be Agadir African Cup, which will be held on November 19 in Morocco. 

Vicente Hernández, whose last competition was the World Triathlon Series in Montreal on June 29, 2019, has experienced a true odyssey marked by persistent injuries that kept him off the slopes.  

The event in Agadir, which will be held at the Olympic distance, presents a formidable challenge with the participation of triathletes such as Nan Oliveras and Kevin Tarek.  

Resident in Madrid, where he spent his youth in the Blume Residence, Vicente He has found in the capital the conducive environment for his training and recovery. 

Now, with the unconditional support of his family, friends and his partner Tamara, he feels ready to enjoy the competition in a different way, without the pressure of fighting for a place in the games or a specific result. 

In a statement in Instagram, Vicente shared:

" On June 29, 2019 I did my last triathlon. I had to withdraw from the foot race at the World Triathlon Series in Montreal because I couldn't stand the pain in my knee. 

 Until today, it has been 1.594 days of banging my head against a wall, over and over again. It took us almost 3 years to find the origin of the problem after many visits to doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, rehabilitation specialists, etc.  

There have been many phases in these 4 and a half years: surgery, countless treatments, relapses and many starts again. The worst thing has been not having certainties on many occasions, managing helplessness, pain, motivation and ups and downs. 

 Regardless of the final outcome of all this, I have no doubt that it has been a process that has changed me and given different or reinforced perspectives on many things. Also, it has allowed me to expand my studies, coach a group of athletes and learn how complex we are. I'll stay with the positive. 

I feel lucky because I have a family that loves and supports me unconditionally, friends who have encouraged, valued and shown me confidence and, of course, Tamara, my pillar and reference.  

Also, I have found great professionals, who after going around many times, have decided to listen and get involved. And to many others who have contributed what has been in their power. Regardless of whether I have managed to improve with them or not, I am very grateful to them.  

During all this time, I have been training as if I were still a professional (in fact, I feel professional because of my dedication), but adapting to the circumstances and moments of the injury.  

Apparently, a lumbar radiculopathy has been affecting me on a sensory and motor level. The function of the leg has been altered and causing pain and inflammation in the weakest link, my knee.  

What I have been doing this last year and a half has been to treat the origin, seek decompression of the nerve, give time to the regeneration of the structures and reduce my movements. It has not been an easy task and, in fact, I have not yet achieved it 100%. 

In addition, intermediate bumps have appeared, such as ulnar neuropathy that has had me with limitations for the last 10 months and which, fortunately, I am recovering little by little. I feel more and more the fingers that were affected and little by little I am recovering strength and sensitivity in my arm. 

I tell all this now because I know that there are people who appreciate me, follow me and support me, and in all this time I had not given proper information. Also, because I feel better and, although I am not in my best sporting moment (as is logical), I am able to train the three disciplines and manage the discomfort that remains. I trust that it won't be long now. 

 At this point, I need a mental incentive and I have decided to sign up for a Continental Cup before the end of the year. I think that after all the effort I deserve to be able to reach a starting line again and that is what I am going to do. 

 I'm going to enjoy the competition, all or part of it, I'll see. Nor am I going to take unnecessary risks that later delay my evolution. It has been difficult to get here and, regardless of the result, I know it will give me energy and reasons to continue working. So, finally, I can say that I am registered for a triathlon again." 


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