Victor del Corral, with an eye on KONA

Victor del Corral is presented today as one of the best triathletes of long distance nationwide and promises to give this 2013 talk internationally.


With an eye on the Kona Ironman (Hawaii), Victor has already started his "pre-season", proclaiming this weekend winner of the 8 Island Challenge Trail, the next challenge will be the March 2 in Ligth House Fort Ventura Triathlon, to make the leap to Australia the 24 day and compete in the first Ironman of the season to be held in Melbourne

How do you face this new challenge of entering to compete with the best in the world?

I like challenges, I always like to advance, I believe that competing with the best is the only way to improve and to know how we are, where we are and where we have to go. So I face this challenge with great enthusiasm.

How are you at the beginning of the season?

I'm training very well, I feel stronger and better prepared than ever, so I just hope I can prove it at the moment that it has to be done, competing.

How have you planned the training to meet your goals? Which are the priority ones?

Again this season I have made a strong commitment to swimming, it is still my weakest sector and I need to dedicate more effort. Although it seems that the effort this year is paying off, the sensations and the times improve day by day in the water. For the other disciplines, the scheme used is very similar to last year.

With the aim of being in the Kona World Championship, the main thing this season will be to add the maximum points in the IM of Melbourne and the 70.3 of Saint George and Florida, as well as fight for the victory in the IM of Nice

From Triathlon News we will follow the feats of this Spanish triathlete, who promises to have "very entertained" this 2013.

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