Víctor del Corral, official image of the new sports project Experience100k

Experience100k will have three sports events this next 2013 that will take place in Brazil, Spain and Uruguay.

The Spanish triathlete Víctor del Corral, proclaimed twice European champion of Cross Triathlon, has become the official image of experience100k, a new brand in the field of sport whose main objective is the organization of sports events worldwide with a common denominator , add the 100 kilometers in each of the destinations where these events are held.


The experience100k project plans to carry out three tests over the next year 2013 in destinations such as Brazil (State of Rio Grande do Sul), Spain (Mallorca) and Uruguay (Colonia or Punta del Este). With a clearly international vocation, Experience100k, was born from the hand of CIMA Dynamic and its Brazilian partner Target One Consultoria and pursues a very clear objective: to become one of the international benchmark brands, with regard to the sporting events sector.

experience100k has as philosophy to adapt the event to the sport that is most practiced in the area although in these first three countries (Brazil, Spain and Uruguay), it will be launched in triathlon format, where the distances for each of the modalities will be modified (swimming, cycling and running) depending on the modality most practiced in the chosen destination.

CIMA Dynamic is a company that provides services to brands and companies that seek their connection to sport, understanding as a brand a company, an athlete or a team. These exclusive services revolve around four axes: Branding, Sales, Events and Advisory.

For the CIMA Dynamic team, sport takes us to the living essence of being: "I compete against myself, I overcome myself, I grow mentally and I reach unsuspected limits with a very clear idea, to share it with the people around me. what I want. "

What does CIMA Dynamic mean? Get to the summit of life. CIMA understood as the highest part of a mountain, the degree of greater perfection that can be reached in a process or activity. In addition, the initials of CIMA include four basic words for life and consequently for sport: Constancy Illusion Motivation Attitude

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