Registration open for the Lanzarote Cycling Tour 

If you are a cycling lover and like to travel, you won't be able to miss the first edition of the Lanzarote Cycling Tour, which will be held from September 28 to 29, 2024, organized by the Club La Santa and the Island Council of Lanzarote.  

In addition, it has the support of the Canarian and Spanish Cycling Federations, as well as Lanzarote European Sports Destination (Lanzarote Tourism) and CACT Lanzarote. 

2 Stages  

The Lanzarote Cycling Tour consists of two stages that add up to a total of 189 kilometers with a cumulative gradient of +2.840 meters.

Stage 1: Club La Santa to Puerto del Carmen 

The first stage of the Vuelta Ciclista a Lanzarote is a true adventure that covers 115 kilometers of varied terrain. 

The cyclists will start from Club Santa and they will head towards Puerto del Carmen, passing through a series of towns and impressive landscapes. The route includes points such as Famara, Teguise, Los Valles and Haría. 

One of the most exciting sections of this stage is the limited time stretch from Haría to Mirador del Río.  

This segment covers 8.5 km and has a gradient of 310 meters. Riders will have to do their best to reach the top within the time limit of 01:00:00.  

The stage concludes in the vibrant Plaza de Las Unidas in Puerto del Carmen, where participants will be able to celebrate their achievements. 

Stage 2: Puerto del Carmen to Club La Santa 

Get ready for the second stage of the Vuelta Ciclista a Lanzarote, which covers a distance of 74 km. 

The stage begins in the Plaza de Las Unidas in Puerto del Carmen and ends in Club Santa.  

The tour will take you through towns such as Hoya Médica, Conil, Tegoyo, La Geria, Las Casitas, Femés, Playa Blanca, LZ701, La Hoya, Yaiza, Timanfaya, Mancha Blanca and Tinajo. 

This stage offers two exciting time trials. The first, from Las Casitas to Femés, covers 5.3 km with a gradient of 170 meters. You must finish within the time limit of 00:50:00. 

The second time trial begins on the Timanfaya highway and ends in Mancha Blanca, covering 12.7 km with a gradient of 220 meters. Maintain an average gradient of 3% and complete within 01:20:00. 

Both stages are designed for cyclists of all levels, from the youngest to the most experienced.

Atmosphere and Fan Zones 

The Vuelta Ciclista a Lanzarote is much more than a simple sporting event; is an authentic celebration of cycling that seeks to involve both athletes and spectators in a unique experience.  

One of the highlights of this event are the “fan zones”, which will be created at the different refreshment points along the route. 

These “fan zones” are not simply places to pick up water and snacks; They are vibrant spaces full of energy and passion for cycling.  

Here, spectators can gather to cheer on the riders, enjoy live music, participate in interactive activities and much more.  

It is an opportunity for the cycling community to come together, share experiences and celebrate the spirit of the sport. 

Categories and Awards 

The Vuelta Ciclista a Lanzarote is an inclusive event that welcomes athletes of all ages and skill levels.

The categories available to participants range from Junior to Master 60, meaning there is a place for everyone, from the youngest riders just starting out in the sport to the most experienced who have been on the road for decades. 

Recognitions for Everyone 

But no matter which category you are in, each athlete who completes both stages of the event will receive a medal and a diploma.  

These awards are not only a nice souvenir of the event, but also a way to celebrate your dedication, effort and passion for cycling. 

Innovation in Prizes: NFT Trophies 

And if that were not enough, the event is also innovating in the awards arena by offering NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) trophies for the best athletes in different categories.  

These digital trophies are a modern and exciting way to recognize talent and effort, and can be a real treasure for the athletes who receive them.  

Additionally, NFTs have the potential to become valuable collectibles in the future. 

Open enrollment 

Registration for the Vuelta Ciclista a Lanzarote is now open.  

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this unique event that promises to be an unforgettable experience for both athletes and spectators. 

These are the starting prices 

Prices from the Opening of Registration 

  • 2 Stages: 85 € 
  • 1 Stage: 45 €

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