World Triathlon Announces Measures Following Suspension of WTCS Abu Dhabi

Extreme weather conditions forced the cancellation of the first test of the Triathlon World Series (WTCS) in Abu Dhabi, posing a great inconvenience for both athletes and federations.

Furthermore, this test was important since valuable points were at stake to achieve Olympic qualification for the Paris Olympic Games.

Now, World Triathlon has taken steps to ensure that qualification for Paris 2024 remains fair and accessible for elite athletes.

The organization has announced a increase in the number of participants allowed in upcoming races, thus allowing more triathletes the opportunity to compete for ranking points.

Specifically, competitions in Yokohama y Cagliari will see their starting list increased from 55 to 60 triathletes per gender, while World Cup events such as Hong Kong, Chengdu, Huatulco, Samarkand and Wollongong will increase their numbers from 65 to 70 competitors per gender.

This adjustment, however, It is not accompanied by a solution for the mixed relay event, a discipline that adds a unique and strategic dynamic to Olympic qualification.

The decision not to include a substitute event for the mixed relays in Abu Dhabi leaves national teams with fewer opportunities to secure their place in Paris, setting a precedent in the rigorous route to qualification.

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