XTERRA begins the 2015 Spain Tour in the Axarquía

Rubén Ruzafa looks for his first victory of the season at home



The adventure of the XTERRA Spain Tour 2015 and no better place to start the season than the XTERRA Axarquía Costa del Sol to be played next Sunday 29 in March in the towns of La Viñuela, Alcaucín and Periana.

A hard and demanding course that will not leave indifferent any of the almost 300 participants who will take the start in this inaugural round of the XTERRA Extremadura Spain Tour 2015. And among all of them, a name stands out: Rubén Ruzafa. The current world champion of the category debuts Estena in the first XTERRA test. And he does it at home, surrounded by his own and with the desire to enjoy one of the most spectacular circuits of all in which the excellent triathlete of Rincon de la Victoria takes the exit.

"For me to compete in this test of the Axarquía is special, it is to compete at home, my friends and family can come to see me and that makes me feel very happy; being wrapped and feel the encouragement of the fans encouraging you non-stop makes this test one of the most special and warm for me "Reflected Ruben Ruzafa just step on this week for the first time the axarquical route where he will compete next Sunday.

But it will not be easy for the Rinconero in the search to revalidate the title harvested last year in the month of August. "It is clear that for me it is the first test of this discipline and the quality of the pro participants is spectacular, the only expectation that I am considering is to enjoy and I hope that the spectators have as much or more fun that the participants are going to do".

Axarquía quality sports tourism destination

And it is that this test is a true international claim. More than 300 participants meet in one of the most impressive enclaves in the entire Andalusian geography. The La Viñuela reservoir is the epicenter of a circuit in which the diversity of vegetation, landscapes and colors does not leave any participant or spectator indifferent.

The president of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol-Axarquía, Óscar Medina, today highlighted "the importance" that the first race of the XTerraSpain Tour 2015, the most important triathlon cross circuit in the country, take place in the Axarquía , "Which denotes the potential of the region to host this type of sporting events throughout the year."

In this sense, Medina has pointed out the need to promote sports tourism and nature "as a key tool to fight against seasonality and attract more tourists to the destination Costa del Sol, as highlighted in the strategic tourism plan of the Axarquía led out from the commonwealth itself, "point that has influenced that" the eastern coast is taking off as a reference that comes to complement the offer of the western part of the province. "

Precisely the Axarquía, and more specifically the locality of La Viñuela, is the maximum exponent of the philosophy with which all the tests of the XTERRA Spain Tour are prepared, since in the same place it concentrates the reservoir and the hotel that serves as headquarters. This circuit of the Axarquía is, in addition, the first international training center XTERRA of Europe, with an open route during the 365 days of the year.

"This test signifies the most important sporting event that is celebrated in our region; It is also an impulse of promotion and knowledge of the area and therefore of our municipality that we could not reach in any other way. We will continue supporting, financing and ensuring that all activities of the sports tourism segment are one of the engines that move our municipality and our region; We will continue betting to make the Axarquía as a predominant destination in this sport tourism sector "says the mayor of La Viñuela, José Juan Jiménez.


"In the same way from the City of La Viñuela we want to thank the unselfish implication that is carrying out one of our establishments that bet more on quality tourism such as La Viñuela BoutiqueHotel as well as XTERRA Spain and all the sponsors that bet on This event and its completion "concluded the mayor of La Viñuela.


The holding of this test could generate an economic impact of around 2 million euros, if the budget (overnight stays, daily expenses, transport, etc.) of athletes, family members, spectators, volunteers and media that will attend the meeting is taken into account. proof.

"This type of sporting events and initiatives are very important for Alcaucín since they offer the possibility of making our people known at a national and international level. For us to join one of the main international sporting events of the triathlon give added value and dissemination to all the towns of the Alta Axarquía area "said Domingo Lozano, Mayor of Alcaucín.

In this sense, the participation of three hundred triathletes, more than two thousand spectators and 200 volunteers are expected. More than 75% of athletes usually travel with relatives and around the 20% believe that they will return to the test area for their vacations or subsequent training.

XTERRA is the largest cross triathlon circuit in the world with more than 200 events and 17 countries organizers. Its origin dates back to the year 1996 on the island of Maui (Hawaii), where for the first time mountain biking and triathlon came together to test the strongest men in the area in a competition called Aquaterra. The test mixed swimming at sea, mountain biking and running on dirt roads. The event represented a new format not seen until the moment that seduced lovers of outdoor sports, nature and extreme adventures.

The event will start in its Pro mode at the 12: 30 am in the municipality of La Viñuela and the tour will host three circuits together of three different sports disciplines: swimming (1.500 meters) in the La Viñuela reservoir itself, mountain biking ( 40 kilometers) in the surroundings of the reservoir and route on foot (10 kilometers, most of them on the shores of La Viñuela). In addition, the same day will be held an Open test, which will start the 9: 00 am, with shorter distances (1.000 meters to swim, 20 kilometers on the bike and 6 on foot).

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