The importance of supplementation and increased training load

Why do you have to supplement if you are starting to train seriously?

Our sports nutrition partner Crown Sport Nutrition In this article the iImportance of supplementation when increases the load or duration of workouts.

The importance of supplementation and athletic performance

In today's society, with such a hectic pace, it is very difficult to maintain a correct diet.

As we are not professional athletes, there is something very at hand that can help us with this, the having a correct supplementation will make you perform better and recover before workouts.

If you have started to take training a bit more seriously, in addition to increasing the load, doing some scheduled sessions, another important leg is take seriously what we eat and sports supplementation.

Keys to losing energy in training

One of the keys to losing energy (Performance) during training is the depletion of glycogen stores, which is the reserve of carbohydrates (Carbohydrates) that our body has.


You will have to supplement if you train more than 1 hour

In workouts of more than one hour at comfortable rates, taking carbohydrates from bananas or dates can be useful, but in the case that we go increasing the pace or putting sets in the sessions we will need a quick supply of energy.

At this point the Sports supplement since it gives us a fast energy supply and it will help us digest the necessary nutrients to continue training or competing with intensity.

That is why you have to start using specific products, such as energy gels, since they provide carbohydrates in a fast, digestible way and in the right proportions.


Taking them correctly can help us not suffer the dreaded "birds."  Keep in mind that you have to take them before the reserves run out (before noticing the fatigue), because if not it will be too late.

Hydration another important point

In the case of the hydration, in short and easy workouts it may be worth only drinking water, but in conditions of intensity, heat o moisture something else has to be added to what we eat. This is the case of some salts, such as sodium.

Sodium is responsible, among other things, for retaining water within our body.


This is what sports drinks give us, adequate amounts of mineral salts that allow optimizing hydration without compromising digestibility and therefore performance.

And after training?

After heavy workouts, intensity or duration is very likely the next day we have discomfort or stiffness.

To avoid this we also have some supplements that can help us, the recuperators.

Even if you take the well-deserved "cane and tapa" after training (we are not professionals for something), you have to bear in mind that if you want to optimize recovery you will have to make use of a good recuperator.

These types of products provide what is necessary (carbohydrates, proteins, salts, etc.) to produce a complete recovery, that is, both energy and muscle.


Supplementation and health

Science has shown that there are health benefits behind a correct intake of supplements such as carbohydrates during exercise (gels, bars, sports drinks, etc.).

Ingesting them in the correct way has beneficial effects on the immune system and for Neuromuscular Function, something that is also closely related to recuperators, not having discomfort, pain or stiffness the next day.

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