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5 basic tips for riding a bike in wet conditions

We must never forget that to avoid any scare the first thing is to check the weather.

Many times the desire to go out riding a bike overwhelms us more than common sense, but we must never forget that to avoid a scare the first thing is to check the weather.[no_toc]

Yes, we finally left, also keep in mind these 5 basic tips that we share in this article.

In addition, to increase safety, we recommend a good cover for stability and lights to give visibility.

The first thing, prevention.

As we mentioned in the previous article in which we gave you some basic tips on what should we do if one catches us storm, and the first thing is prevention.

Check before the rain forecast, and if there is risk perhaps that day the best is a roller session at home.

If you go out after the storm has passed, but the ground is still wet, we give you some simple tips for your training:

Tips for riding a bike on wet ground

5 basic tips for riding on wet asphalt

Be aware of your grip on the ground

Wet wheels can spin, and even if it's common sense We must not forget that it is advisable to avoid road markings and pedestrian crossings, as well as sewers and areas where water can flow because we can easily skate in them.

Watch out for curves and slopes

Take them with moderate speed to avoid falls

Use your brakes properly

If the ground is wet, it is recommended brake with the front end first so you avoid skidding Since the weight is mainly concentrated in the front area, then you can do it with the rear wheel.

Make yourself visible:

With heavy rain or mist visibility is lost for this it is recommended choose well the lights to have visibility, even bracelets or anklets if you are going to circulate around the city.

It is also advisable to have in your kit (windbreaker and / this will guarantee that they can see you and avoid some scares

Choose your covers well:

If you usually go out and ride on wet asphalt since the area where you live has a lot of rain during the year, choose the tires adequate to avoid mishaps during your workouts or even competition.

Recommended tire for riding a bike on wet ground: michelín

A tire for the most demanding cyclists, with a exceptional gripl Thanks to its Grip Compound system, capable of operating at low temperatures, it reinforces safety on slippery, dirty and wet floors.

It has a much higher resistance to punctures than its predecessors, with better performance on asphalt.

Michelin Power All Season Folding Cover, Unisex Adult, Black, 700 x 23 mm

59,00  available
5 new from 58,87 €
free shipping
as of July 13, 2024 23:42


  • Hoop: Folding
  • Measure: 700x23
  • Threads per inch: 60
  • Weight: 235 grams
  • Optimal grip in any weather

Recommended rear light for cycling on rainy days: sigma

This tail light features a brake light function, to use it both day and night; its integrated brightness sensor, which activates the headlight automatically in low light conditions such as days of heavy rain or fog, providing a plus in safety

The brightness sensor turns on and off automatically the rear light according to the ambient light conditions, a plus for better battery performance, with a spotlight that has excellent visibility up to 500 meters

Sigma Blaze Tail Light, Sports & Outdoors, Red, Unique

12 new from 19,95 €
free shipping
as of July 13, 2024 23:42


  • Performance: SIGMA bike light shines brightly and provides illumination and visibility up to 500m; The rear light is small, works without a dynamo and is approved by the German road transport law StVZO.
  • Lighting time: Detachable bicycle light provides 7 hours of optimal lighting for added safety
  • Technology: The bike light's 2-level battery indicator is splash-resistant to IPX 4; Thanks to the silicone mount, installation is simple without the need for bicycle tools
  • Safety: The battery-powered rear light is approved by the German road transport law StVZO and provides sufficient light; In turn, the brake light function and daytime mode further increase the driver's safety on the road.
  • Box contents: The SIGMA BLAZE rear bicycle light is shipped with a micro USB cable and a silicone strap to hold it; Bike light weighs 22g (bracket included)


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