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7 tips for using COMPEX correctly

With these simple guidelines you can get the most out of your COMPEX

Our collaborator COMPEX, leader in the field of sports electrostimulation, gives us in this article a series of tips to apply before participating in any competition.

Did you just train and do not know what program to use?

In a normal day use Recovery Training (or Active Recovery depending on the Compex model). Yes, you have 3h after the effort to put this program.

From these 3 hours loses efficiency. And remember, eat something before to ensure the supply of nutrients to the muscles and get the most out of the session.

Do you feel more tired than usual?

On the days that, for whatever reason, the fatigue is greater than usual, then we recommend the Post-Competition Recovery (or Recovery Plus). The timing of use is, as in the previous program, the 3 first hours after the effort.

Do you have any muscle loaded and it is not due to training?

Use the Relaxing Massage program.

Do you suffer any contracture?

Use the Decontracting program if it is a recent contracture or Muscular Pain (Endorphinic or Chronic Pain) if the contracture is chronic (more than 3 days)

Do you have joint or tendon pain?

Use the TENS program.

Does your work require many hours of sitting or standing prior to the competition?

Use the Heavy Legs, Lymphatic Drainage or, failing that, use Capillarization.

What do I do in the week of the competition?

For the week of the race, looking to help in overcompensation, you can use the Overcommissioning program, or failing that, Capillarization, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the muscles involved in your sport.

What do not you have yet Compex? You can see the one that suits you best here.

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