At what age can children start lifting weights?

This question is very common among adolescents and parents who want to start with this type of training but without putting their health at risk.

We echo this article published by Personal Running, where they tell us at what age is the most convenient for kids can start weight training.

This question is very common among adolescents and parents who want to start with this type of training but without putting their health at risk.

Children are already training strength

We have to take into consideration that from a very young age kids are already training strength naturally.

Since they start running, moving things, hanging where they can, playing soccer or any other sport, they have a constant physical activity.

It is known to all that physical exercise in children has many health benefits, as it improves bone structure, reduces the risk of injury or even on a psychological level as it allows them to gain self-confidence.

Boy playing soccer
Boy playing soccer

That is why strength is so important since it allows them, implicitly in the game, a balanced development of muscle groups

 At what age can children start lifting weights?

We already know that they naturally train strength, but When can they start weight training?

From PR, they recommend us to start training from 12 or 13 years old.

Is it true that lifting weights affects growth?

Surely you have ever heard the statement that "lifting weights blocks growth", "do not train with weights that you are going to stay short", "wait until you develop to start with bodybuilding", and so on. well this is a popular myth.

Is mindless hoaxes since the growth of a person depends on genetic information, nutrition and hormones (Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Thyroid Hormones).

Therefore, there is no evidence of a stunted growth with weight lifting.

How do kids strength train with weights?

The first thing to keep in mind that this training not to be confused with what you see on television such as weightlifting, bodybuilding, etc.

This type of training is not advisable since it can produce a rapid increase in force and can generate overload on the insertion points of the bones (which are still immature).

The weight training to do is slow, progressive, controlled and well supervised, or that in the long term it can bring many benefits.

What exercises can they do?

Boys can grow and develop their physique naturally up to the age of 21, while girls can grow up to 18 and it is not recommended to perform certain exercises or use some gym machines.

If they can do weights, but it is important that they do not lift ones the same size as an adult, by the possible muscular overloads that can occur.

To avoid this, the important thing is that let yourself be advised by a professional to recommend weights, repetitions, etc. to do the session correctly without risk.

Recommendations for weight lifting

Exercises with the body as a load

Perform exercises in which the body is used as a load (push-ups, dips, bars, abdominals, squats, planks).

Use light weights

Lift light weights (with enough weight to do 15-20 reps) for each muscle group.

Only 2 sets of each exercise. Only 6-10 exercises in 1 day. Maximum 3 days a week of exercise to avoid overload.

Do not load bars on the shoulders.

The stress they generate on the spine is too great.

As resistance alternatives, use elastic bands, medicine balls and pulleys.

The very important technique

Always take care of the technique. Never do it if you are alone. Do not lift weights that are not controlled. It is necessary to have someone always nearby to supervise.

Do not forget to heat and cool.

Muscle activation before starting: jogging, jumping, etc. and to cool down, stretch. These are most effective when the muscles are already warm.

If you want to know more about Personal Running visit their website

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