Benefits of training with the roller in winter

The brand of rollers and smart bicycles Zycle, tells us in the following article a series of benefits of roller training.

Now that the cold arrives and you don't feel like going out to roll, Roller training is a great option for the athlete, since in addition to not losing shape, it is a great entertainment option and specific preparation for cycling

Zycle, is a technology company that has always been behind the development Bkool intelligent rollers and now has taken the reins continuing with the R&D, manufacturing and marketing under the ZYCLE brand.

These are some of the benefits of roller training.

Make the most of time

Roller training is a very interesting option when the weather is bad or it is not possible to ride on the road.

En sessions ranging from 45-60 minutes, you can make the most of a workout, since you don't have any external conditions such as traffic lights, cars, etc. It is a continuous training session.

If you plan the session well, you can do a very specific job that will be reflected in the future

Training control

Since you don't have external distractions, you can control all the variables of your trainingor, speed, cadence, power,% of rise.

The ZYCLE ZPRO model supports up to 1.200 W, which is equivalent to an 15% ramp, which makes it ideal for hard workouts

Improvements in pedaling technique

Taking advantage of the static position of the roller, you can focus on consciously doing pedaling exercises to improve your technique and then transfer it to the bike shootings.

Work independently each leg, in cycles of 30 seconds and try to give the same power in each leg

They are not easy sessions

Roller training is not easy, since you need a greater concentration and there is a greater sense of effort that if you leave the session time with the bike to roll.

An important point is that you increase your ability to concentrate and because of the sensations you train the mind for future jobs of great intensity or competition

The virtual simulator, the perfect match

Roller training is a good tool, but If you join it with a virtual simulator then everything happens at a higher level.

With real-time images, real racing circuits, circuit competitions with other members of the community, all this It makes the workouts have that plus of entertainment and effort that it takes to give that extra point.

In addition, you can upload your own routes and try to do high quality workouts without external interruptions.

The specialized Zycle it is the ideal option

Picture of Zycle rollers
Picture of Zycle rollers

If you are looking for a quality roller and with guarantees the brand Zycle It is the ideal option, thanks to the baggage with Bkool during these years

They offer 3 different ranges of bicycles, the PRO, ZPRO and ZBike. You can meet them in this article We publish about them.

For more information and to know where this bike can be purchased, check through the support area on the official website

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