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In the world of cycling and triathlon, where training and preparation are key, there are tools widely used by these groups such as rollers. Zycle Zpro y Zycle ZDrive which They have become indispensable allies to be able to train at any time. 

Now, thanks to an exclusive offer at Decathlon, these rollers are on sale at a unbeatable price of €239,99 for Zycle ZPro and Zycle ZDrive a 524,99€.  


The Zycle Zpro stands out for its power of 1.200W and a power measurement precision of ±3%.  

The Zycle ZDrive, on the other hand, offers an even higher power of 1.800W and an accuracy of 2,5%, with slope simulation of up to 20%.  

Both are compatible with 20 to 29 inch wheels and offer a quiet and realistic training experience. 

Comparison Table: Zycle Zpro vs Zycle ZDrive  

Image of the Zycle Zpro
Image of the Zycle Zpro
Feature  Zycle Zpro  Zycle ZDrive 
Price  349,99 € . Offer: €239,99  699,99 €. Offer: €524,99 
Maximum power  1.200w  1.800w 
Precision  ± 3%  ± 2.5% 
Slope Simulation  Up to 20%  Up to 20% 
Wheel Compatibility  20″ to 29″ inches  26″ to 29″ inches 
Noise level  Silent  Silent 
Transmission Type  Not specified  Direct transmission 
Connectivity  Bluetooth FTMS and ANT +  USB, Bluetooth FTMS and ANT+ 
Roller Weight  14 kg   17 kg 
Dimensions  81cm x 62cm x 41,2cm  51 cm x 53 cm x 51 cm  
Subscriptions Included  Bkool, FulGaz, Kinomaps  Bkool, FulGaz, Kinomaps  
Guarantee  3 years  3 years 
Other features  automatic resistance   Magnetic brake, no calibration required, compatible with 8V to 12V cassettes 

 Benefits for Triathletes  

For triathletes, the Zycle Zpro offers a versatile and effective training tool.  

Its ability to simulate real cycling conditions allows athletes to train specifically and efficiently, improving their performance in competitions. 

Users Zycle Zpro They highlight its stability and the realistic training experience it provides. “It's like training on the road, but in the comfort of my home“comments an athlete on the Decathlon page. 

The trainer comes with premium subscriptions to platforms such as Bkool, FulGaz and Kinomaps, enriching the training experience. 

In addition, it has a 3-year warranty, ensuring its quality and durability. 

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