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Roller training up to 110% of FTP

The session works about 90% of the FTP and rises to 110% -115%

Our partners Israel Pinto and Mario Castellanos, bring us a new training session for the roller.

In this video they tell us how we have to do the roller session correctly and give us some TIPS to get the most out of it.

It is not the first training that they leave us on these dates, to make the training at home more enjoyable, these are some of them

What works the session?

Today's session works about 90% of the FTP and with small intervals of 30 ″ going up to 110% -115% of the FTP, with the aim of improving that training area.

What information do we have to know in order to do the session correctly?

In this session you work with the FTP threshold that marks the power that you can maintain for 40-50 ”constantly. If you do not know this information, we will tell you in this article how to calculate FTP 

In the case of not having potentiometer you can do the session with the effort perception (RPE) taking these values ​​as reference: 100% FTP = 8 RPR

If you want to work by heart rate, this is the scale to consider: 100% FTP = 85% FC

In this video Israel does not give guidelines to follow in order to execute the session correctly

This is the session:

  • - 10 ′ progressive heating - RPE 4-5
  • - 2′-3 ′ drop - RPE 3
  • - 4 x 1 ′ - 100% (RPE 8) r / 1 ′ 50% (RPE 4)
  • - 2′-3 ′ drop - RPE 3
  • – 10 x (2'30” at 90% ftp (RPE 7-7,5) + 30″ 110% ftp) (RPE 8,5-9)
  • - 10 ′ roll smooth

Israel Pinto and Mario Castellanos
@israelpintoendurancecoach @ mariocaste.pf


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