IRONMAN Portugal-Cascais 2024: What could be the end of a perfect season

Among the different events and franchises in the world, IRONMAN events are some of the ones that most attract triathletes, since they have a wide calendar all over the world and with various distances to choose from.

Among the tests that stand out the most in recent years we find the IRONMAN Portugal-Cascais an event that attracts more participants every year and is postulated as a great season finale for its dates and the perfect climate of its location.

In this article we propose a perfect combination, participating in the IRONMNAN 70.3 Valencia and finish the season at IRONMAN Portugal.

The road to Cascais begins in the vibrant city of Valencia with the IRONMAN 70.3 Valencia, scheduled for April 21, 2024.

This competition, which celebrates its first edition this year, is a perfect opportunity to gauge the physical and mental preparation of the athletes before the great challenge of Cascais, the long distance test.

For its part, IRONMAN Portugal-Cascais, which will take place on October 19, 2024, has quickly established itself as one of the most coveted events on the IRONMAN circuit.

We give you some reasons to participate in this test.

  1. Formula 1 circuit: The unique possibility of competing in an iconic setting, full of history and adrenaline.
  2. The Perfect Season to Close: Strategically located at the end of the calendar, it offers athletes the time necessary for optimal preparation.
  3. Cultural and Tourist Wealth: Beyond being a sporting challenge, Cascais invites athletes and their families to immerse themselves in its rich history, its art and its delicious gastronomy.
  4. A Varied and Dazzling Tour: From the protected bay of Cascais to the historic streets and landscapes that surround the city, every kilometer is a new revelation.
  5. Mostly Flat Cycling Circuit: Ideal for those looking to beat their personal bests on a fast and scenic course.
  6. Swimming in a Protected Bay: The serenity and beauty of the waters of Cascais promise a spectacular start to the competition.


Registrations for the emblematic IRONMAN Portugal-Cascais are advancing at a good pace, reflecting the high demand from the global triathlete community.

Those interested in taking on this challenge and closing their season with an unforgettable experience in picturesque Cascais must act quickly,

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 Cascais: A city to discover

Beyond the sporting challenge, Cascais offers an incomparable tourist experience.

This former refuge of kings and a renowned fishing village is today a vibrant destination where history, culture and modernity meet.

From its stunning beaches to the “Boca do Inferno” to its charming old town, Cascais is the perfect place to explore, relax and marvel.

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