Find your slot for the Marbella, Nice or Kona 2025 World Cup at the IRONMAN Portugal-Cascais

El IRONMAN Portugal-Cascais it has become one of the most coveted tests on the IRONMAN circuit.

With a spectacular route and an unparalleled atmosphere, the event of the 19th October 2024 It is presented as a unique opportunity to close the season on a high note.

Do you dream of competing in the IRONMAN in Marbella, Nice or Cona in 2025?

The IRONMAN Portugal-Cascais offers you the opportunity to qualify for these legendary events, since Full IRONMAN and 70.3 are held on the same day 

Why choose the IRONMAN Portugal-Cascais?

  • Formula 1 Circuit: Experience the thrill of competing in an iconic setting, full of history and adrenaline.
  • Perfect season to close: Strategically located at the end of the calendar, it offers athletes the time necessary for optimal preparation.
  • Cultural and tourist wealth: Beyond being a sporting challenge, Cascais invites athletes and their families to immerse themselves in its rich history, its art and its delicious gastronomy.
  • A varied and dazzling tour: From the protected bay of Cascais to the historic streets and landscapes surrounding the city, every kilometer is a new revelation.
  • Mostly flat cycling course: Ideal for those looking to beat their personal bests on a fast and scenic course.
  • Swimming in a protected bay: The serenity and beauty of the waters of Cascais promise a spectacular start to the competition.

Slot Assignment Process

IRONMAN Portugal-Cascais uses a two-part slot allocation system to determine who qualifies for the Marbella, Nice or Kona championships.

Below, we explain the process:

Before race day:

Each age group with registered athletes is initially assigned Slots. However, additional places are reserved and are not distributed until the day of the race.

Race day:

If an age group has no participants, its initial slot is lost and added to the pool of unassigned slots.

These remaining places are then distributed proportionally between the age groups with participants, based on the number of participants in each category (male and female).

Age groups with more participants will receive a greater proportion of the remaining places.

After the race:

If an age group with participants has no finalists, its assigned place is redistributed to the age group with the highest ratio of participants per place available, taking into account only athletes of the same gender.

This process is repeated over a designated “redistribution” period to ensure that all spots are claimed.

Do you dare to compete in the IRONMAN Portugal-Cascais?

Registration for both distances, IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3, are still open.

Don't miss the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience and fight for a place in the World Championship. 

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