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10 curiosities about the return to Spain that you didn't know.

We echo this news published by the antena3, where they have searched for curious anecdotes 10 that you surely did not know.

Tomorrow 24 of August will begin the 74º edition of the Tour, where 22 teams and 176 cyclists will participate where they will surely not offer a show at the highest level. Alejandro Valverde will leave with the number 1

Alejandro Valverde won La Vuelta ten years ago. This year, La Vuelta 19 will start as one of the three former winners of the round in liza for a new title, along with Fabio Aru (2015) and Nairo Quintana (2016).

The most curious anecdotes of the turn.

1 The Cycling Tour was born in 1935

After the idea of ​​Clemente López Doriga, cyclist and Spanish journalist, in collaboration with Juan Pujol, director of the newspaper 'Information', with the idea of ​​creating a career within our territory of the same characteristics of the Tour of Italy or the Tour de France .

2 The first winner of the first edition of La Vuelta a España was the Belgian cyclist Gustaaf Deloor t

It was after an epic battle with the Spanish Mariano Cañardo, who finished second. In addition, the Belgian repeated title in the next edition and, from this moment until 1941, the Tour was suspended as a result of the Civil War.

3 In its first edition, the Tour of Spain was characterized by the orange wearing the leader jersey

No team could wear the same color. Since that time it has gone through red, white and red, yellow, gold from 1999 and, currently, from 2010, the color is red.

4 Julian Berrendero, was the first Spaniard to achieve the triumph of the Tour of Spain

He was known as "The Blue-Eyed Black", and got the first victory for Spain in the 1941 Tour of Spain.

5 Until 1995, the race was played in the months of April and May

From that moment until today it is celebrated between the months of August and September.

The Tour of Spain has suffered several stops throughout its history. From the editions between 1937 and 1940 due to the Civil War, through the period of 1943 to 1944, consequence of World War II, until the year 1949 and from 1951 to 1954 that were also suspended.

6 The Spaniard Roberto Heras, is the cyclist with the most victories in the Tour of Spain

With a total of four crowns: 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2005. They are followed by Swiss Tony Rominger with three, tied with another Spaniard, Alberto Contador, winner in the editions of 2008, 2012 and 2014.

7 The cyclist with the most stage wins in the Tour of Spain, is the Spaniard Delio Rodríguez

With a total of 39, ranking at the top in the history of the race.

8 The smallest time difference achieved between the first and second classified was in the 1984 edition

The difference was only 6 seconds between the winner, Eric Caritoux, compared to runner-up Alberto Fernández.

9 In 1982 the first case of doping occurred, days after the end of the race.

The Spaniard, Ángel Arroyo, won the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid but, subsequently, was disqualified because he tested positive for a methylphenidate anti-doping control.

10 In 1997 La Vuelta began for the first time outside the national territory.

Specifically, he kicked off in Lisbon, Portugal, as a result of the 98 Expo.

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