The Virtual Giro d'Italia will be held at BKOOL

RCS has reached an agreement with BKOOL to carry out the virtual Giro d'Italia for the next 3 years

El Giro of Italia will also have a virtual edition this year and will be held on the indoor cycling platform BKOOL.

RCS, organizer of the Italian Grand Tour, has reached an agreement with the technology company BKOOL to celebrate the Virtual Tour of Italy for the next three years.

This new virtual edition of the Corsa Rosa will arrive in autumn 2021 and will be available for any cyclist from home to experience it in person.

BKOOL leader in innovation and virtual sports simulation.

BKOOL ( is an indoor cycling platform leader in terms of innovation and virtual sports simulation.

To its wide range of routes and competitions, it adds one of the most important and famous races in history, the Giro d'Italia, making it accessible to any cyclist in any country in the world.

RCS is a leading Italian company in the field of creation and management of sporting events, part of the RCS MediaGroup. In addition to the Giro d'Italia, among the events it regularly organizes, the most important cycling events in Italy stand out, such as the Milan-Sanremo, the Tirreno-Adriatico, the Giro de Lombardia.

It is not the first time that both companies have joined ties in order to continue merging cycling and virtual reality. Already in 2020, BKOOL and RCS held two editions of 'The Challenge of Stars', an indoor cycling competition that brought together some of the most important figures in the international peloton.

In addition, the Milano-Sanremo Virtual presented by EOLO, which was held at BKOOL just a few days ago, was also the product of the collaboration between both brands.

The first virtual edition of the Classicissima has brought together thousands of cyclists from around the world to compete on the real route of the race in video and 3D and has had ambassadors such as Óscar Freire, 3 times winner of the test.

For the virtual tour, real video and 3D simulation will be mixed

twist Italy virtual real video and 3D simulation
twist Italy virtual real video and 3D simulation

For the celebration of the Virtual Giro d'Italia, BKOOL has developed innovative technology, mixing real video and 3D simulation, aimed at achieving the maximum sensation of immersion and realism at each stage.

The goal is to transfer virtually every participant to the most beautiful and emblematic routes of the Giro to compete from home with hundreds of cyclists spread throughout the planet.

According to Paolo Bellino, CEO of RCS Sport: “We are delighted to be able to share with all the amateur cyclists of the Giro d'Italia the possibility of riding on the same routes as the great champions of international cycling and sharing this spectacular experience for the first time in history.

Virtual cycling is a world with enormous possibilities and we are very happy to take this direction from the hand of an important partner like BKOOL."

In the words of Alfonso García-Lozano, co-CEO of BKOOL: “The first Virtual Giro d'Italia in history is the most important challenge we have faced as a company and we are sure that it will be a before and after for virtual cycling. Having the support of RCS, one of the most important event organizers in the world, is a unique opportunity to make history in indoor cycling.. "

The first virtual Giro d'Italia will be publicly presented during this next 104th edition of the Giro d'Italia, in the month of May, through an official press conference in which more details about this new event, as well as the conditions of participation, will be available. and rules.

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