Give Bkool this Christmas: Advanced Virtual Training

6 months of BKOOL Premium for only €40

This Christmas, the opportunity to improve in the world of triathlon comes with an unbeatable offer: 6 months of BKOOL Premium for only 40 €. 

This promotion is a window to virtual training, a essential tool for any triathlete, especially in preparation for competitions. 

Virtual training has become a key ally for triathletes. BKOOL offers a realistic experience that Simulates real cycling routes and conditions, allowing athletes to train effectively from home.  

Additionally, this offer is an excellent opportunity for those looking to return to the sport or improve their performance. 

Features of BKOOL Premium

BKOOL Premium stands out for its realism and variety. With virtual routes based on real locations, it allows users to experience tours from around the world.  

Additionally, its intuitive interface and detailed performance analysis make BKOOL an indispensable tool for triathlon training. 

Discount coupon 

Purchasing the coupon is simple and is delivered directly to the buyer's email within 24-48 hours.  

Additionally, it is important to note that the coupon can be accumulated with existing subscriptions, making it even more attractive for current BKOOL users. 

Get the coupon here

This Christmas, BKOOL offers the perfect opportunity to take a quantum leap in your cycling training.  

With its special offer, triathletes can enjoy a unique and effective training experience, preparing for their next competitions with the best technology in virtual cycling simulation. 

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