The Pedro Delgado “La Perico” cycle tour canceled

The test will not be held this year either due to the pandemic.

One of the most emblematic cycle tours of our country, “The parakeet” has announced that the test will not be held this year 2021 either.

On its website Pedro Delgado has published an official statement explaining the reasons

"The Perico 2021 will not be held this year either and we postpone the call for the next 2022, within the first fortnight of August.

The situation derived from the pandemic being somewhat better than last year, for the organizers of sporting events, causes so many limitations that maintaining the spirit of living a cycling party and with minimal security guarantees for all, are far from being a reality.

The restriction of the number of participants (500) forces us to say no to 2.000, not being able to allow departure and arrival concentrations, not being able to offer the fraternity meal of every year, in addition to no shower, no massage ...

That we have preferred to postpone the call for 2022 and that it means the reunion that allows us to enjoy that great party with all the guarantees of health.

There will be virtual test

Meanwhile remind you that we have at your disposal The Virtual Parrot "Your way", for while you go "killing the bug": "

There are no previous results.

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