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€ 120 fine for improperly advancing a cyclist in Ireland

The law requires leaving a safe distance with cyclists

Ireland has approved a new traffic regulations, which penalizes € 120 for drivers who incorrectly overtake a cyclist.

What does the new law consist of?

This law requires overtake with at least 1 meter away with the cyclist by overtaking him in city when the speed does not exceed 50 km / h.

In the case of any other Road exceeding 50 / km the driver will have to leave a distance of 1,5 meters Regarding the cyclist.

The sanctions

If the driver is “hunted” at the time of inflation, he will be fined as minimum with € 120 and 3 points of the driving license.

The measure has been taken, due to the boom in cycling accidents in the country, and has been in force since November 12.

The drivers complain

They have not been waiting for complaints from drivers on social networks, and are considering taking security cameras in vehicles just as the cyclists to demonstrate that they have not committed the infraction, or that it is the cyclist's fault.

A good measure, which above all values ​​the life of cyclists, the most fragile group of roads.


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