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40 cyclists killed on the road in 2019, 4 more than in 2018

The DGT has taken stock of accidents on Spanish roads during the year 2019

We echo this news published by iberobike, where they say that the DGT has just released the accident balance on Spanish roads during the year 2019, which includes the number of cyclists who have died while riding a bicycle on Spanish roads.

The DGT itself makes it very clear that in the data affecting cyclists, the trend of deaths is increasing in the cycling segment.

"The trend is confirming that in recent years the deceased vulnerable users are increasing and the deceased users of four-wheelers are reduced."

40 dead, 4 more than last year

The total number of fellow cyclists who died on the road this 2019 is 40 broken lives, representing an increase of 4 more victims than in 2018.

The report speaks of the deceased, so it is not possible to discern which are due to a fortuitous accident or an outrage and subsequent flight.

The number of drivers who tested positive for drugs after the "accident" is also not included in the report.

Of the 40 dead, 16 did not wear a helmet

In these statistics on the 2019 Road Safety Balance, the DGT also incorporates the number of cyclists who were wearing the helmet or not at the time of the accident.

"In the case of cyclists, of the 40 deceased bike users, 16 of them did not wear a helmet, despite being mandatory on interurban roads."

Regarding the measures that the DGT proposes to reduce this accident rate, it must be said that it does not specify much «Concentration of efforts in the protection of vulnerable (pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists)»

In 2019, 1098 people died on the roads, 7% less than last year

The report also reflects that, in 2019, a total of 1.098 people died on Spanish roads, 90 less than last year, 7%.

More measures by 2020

The DGT is already thinking about the measures it will implement in 2020 on Spanish roads, as indicated by its tweet on social networks.

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