For the driver who killed 3 cyclists in 2017, 4 years in jail seems like a lot

The hearing has been postponed as a possible agreement between the parties failed this Friday due to the penalties that are requested

We echo this news published by Brand, where they say that the Criminal Court number 1 of Gandía has set the oral hearing by run over of six cyclists of the Llebeig de Xàbia athletics club in 2017 for May 24, 26 and 28, 2021 as the request for a 4-year prison sentence was not successful in the trial held.

There has been no agreement on the number of years of the sentence

The hearing has been postponed to No. having prospered this friday a possible agreement between the parties because The defense has requested that the 4-year prison sentence requested for the run over of 6 cyclists in which 3 of them died be reduced.

The lawyer for three of the six cyclists, Vicente Olmos, told reporters upon leaving the court that «hthere has been a disparity of criteria » between the accusation and the defense of the accused, so he will go to trial.

According to Olmos, the Prosecutor's Office was willing to undertake sentence reductions that the defense has considered "insufficient", while the private prosecution that represents the cyclists victims of the accident has maintained the request for the maximum penalty of four years in prison for the accused.

Graphic Source: MAC Brand
Graphic Source: MAC Brand


What is going to be prosecuted now is the criminal act

For his part, Óscar Antón, a lawyer also for the private prosecution, has specified that the civil liabilities and compensation of all those affected have been covered, and that what is going to be prosecuted next May is exclusively the criminal act.

In the accident 3 of the cyclists died and two others were injured.

The events took place on May 7, 2017, on the N-332 road that connects Oliva (Valencia) and Dénia (Alicante), when the vehicle driven by the young woman, who he tested positive for alcohol and drugs, overwhelmed the platoon of cyclists.

Three of the athletes, members of the Llebeig de Xàbia athletics club, died and two others were seriously injured.

"I lost my father, his body was destroyed and luckily I'm here"

The son of one of the deceased, Andrés Contreras, who accompanied his father in the squad and was seriously injured in the accident, has stated, in statements to journalists outside the courthouse, that after three years, “today is a sad day "for remembering the event but" finally a stage is closed "when the case is judged.

Contreras regretted that in Spain "death is a taboo but drugs are not" and that the accused is going to be tried by a penal code at that time very lax, and whose reform, in 2018, which hardened the penalties, was in his opinion a "botched."

"I lost a father, his body was destroyed and luckily I am here," he pointed out, although he stated that he did not feel "hatred" towards the accused: "I try to understand that it was a young person who made a mistake," some events that unfortunately "we see daily."


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