Ander Okamina, Spanish Elite Time Trial Champion

"I was confident that if I caught my rhythm I could be with the first elite"

Today the UCI elite and elite time trial Spanish championships with a test of 45,3 kilometers between the towns of Cazorla and La Iruela.

In the elite category, the triathlete has participated Ander Okamina, where he has taken the victory and the gold medal with a time of 1:10:06. The silver has been for Eloy Teruel (at 8 ») and bronze for Felipe Orts (at 18 »)

Ander commented «It was my first national chrono. So far I am specialized in triathlon, but with this pandemic the triathlon season has almost disappeared and I have had the opportunity to focus on cycling in the months of July and August.

I knew that in the Spanish Championship there were going to be very good people, but I was confident that if I picked up my pace I could be with the first elite.

I have regulated well, I have had good feelings and I am very happy with the result obtained",

Pello Bilbao and Mavi García UCI elite Spanish Champions

In the UCI test, victory was taken by the Bahrain-McLaren Pello Bilbao cyclist followed by Luis León Sánchez (Astana) and Gorka Izagirre (Astana).


1. Pello Bilbao (Bahrain-McLaren) - 1:03:32
2. Luis León Sánchez (Astana) at 0:36
3. Gorka Izagirre (Astana) at 1:36
4. Jaime Castrillo (Kern Pharma) at 3:09
5. Óscar Rodríguez (Astana) at 3:15
6. Rubén Fernández (Euskatel-Euskadi) at 3:28
7. Vicente García DM (Aviludo Louletano) at 3:29
8. Roger Adria (Kern Pharma) at 4:10 am
9. Lluis Mas (Movistar) at 4:27
10. Gustavo César Veloso (W52-FC Porto) at 4:39

In the women's test, Mavi García (44:00) has taken the victory in the UCI test rising again to the top after his victory in 2018.  Sara Martín (at 1:46) was second and Sheyla gutierrez  third (at 1:55).


1. Mavi García (ELI / Alé BTC Ljubljana) - 44:00
2. Sara Martín (S23 / Sopela Women Team) at 1:46
3. Sheyla Gutierrez (ELI / Movistar) at 1:55
4. Lourdes Ayarbide (ELI / Movistar) at 1:59
5. Eider Merino (ELI / Movistar) at 2:05
6. Sandra Alonso (S23 / Cronos-Golden House) at 2:49
7. Alicia González (ELI / Movistar) at 3:17
8. Gloria Rodríguez (ELI / Movistar) at 3:52
9. Mireia Benito (ELI / Massi-Tactic) at 4:37
10. Almudena Montalvo (ELI / Fitstudio CDE) at 4:37

On Sunday the turn of the online test

The Elite UCI-Elite men's online test will be held this coming Sunday from 9:00 am and can be seen on LaLigaSportsTV and Eurosport.

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