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A driver fatally runs over a couple of cyclists, leaving the son injured

The driver of the vehicle was stopped in Mansilla de las Mulas, giving a positive breath test

 According to the newspaper León news, today there has been a fatal run over in Matallana de Valmadrigal where a couple, born in Guipuzcoa, has died and their youngest son of 12 years old has been slightly injured after being run over by a drunk driver on the N-601.

The event took place on the 10: 54 hours this Thursday when a call to the Emergency Service of Castilla y León 112 alerted that a vehicle finished ramming the group of cyclists who were driving on the shoulder of the road.

After the outrage, the driver has fled, being stopped by a patrol of the Civil Guard between Mansilla de las Mulas and Villamoros, about 17 kilometers from where the accident took place.

According to official sources confirmed to the newspaper of León Noticias, The driver tested positive for BAC, with a rate of 1,16 milligrams per liter in exhaled air.

Agents of the Civil Guard have proceeded to the arrest of the man, who also circulated without insurance, and has already been transferred to police facilities where it will go to court.

Confirm the death

Numerous Civil Guard patrols as well as an ambulance and the medical helicopter of the Sacyl have been moved to the place of the accident.

There, the doctors confirmed the death of two cyclists, a Guipuzcoan couple whose identity data are unknown. His son, of 12 years of age and who only presented some scratches, was transferred to the Hospital de León by ambulance.

The bodies of the couple were displaced 20 meters by the brutal impact with the vehicle

For his part, the driver was a native of Catalonia although he resided in Valladolid, where they worked at the Renault plant and which he believed he was driving despite traveling to León capital.

It is assumed that the marriage circulated on the outside of the shoulder of the road, leaving your son protected inside. The impact was so brutal that the bodies of the victims were found 20 meters away from the place where the fatal hit.

The family was on the Camino de Santiago by bicycle. The Civil Guard has opened an investigation to clarify the facts surrounding this tragic accident in which alcohol is once again behind.

From Triathlon News we work to try to raise awareness among cyclists and drivers trying to inform about good behavior and the regulations to avoid these tragic news.

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Photo: León News

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